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Jen Shah Lashes Out at Castmates in Social Media Blitz: You’re All Fakes!


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Despite Jen Shah’s claims of being innocent, things are not looking good for her right now.

Her fellow Real Housewives smell blood in the water and are hungrily circling.

But Jen is at her most combative when she’s cornered.

Across social media, she is lashing out at her castmates.

Jen Shah11

On Twitter, Lisa Barlow was quick to quip that she owes Jen Shah “a bag of Lifesavers and Mint Milanos.

This was, to be clear, not an innocuous tweet, and Jen knew it.

“Those were on me sweetie,” Jen replied.

“You really pulled out all the stops with your thespian performance girl,” Jen offered as a non-compliment.

“#allnaturalmyass, #actressbutnotreally,” she tagged, adding “#googleit.”

That much is classic Housewife drama that we’ve seen play out across Bravo.

Jen Shah tweet vs Lisa Barlow 01 of 03 - those were on me sweetie

“The FBI / HSI shows up,” Lisa remarked in a separate tweet, “and I’m still the one being talked about.”

Jen quipped that this could easily be explained.

“Because you turned faster than a burnt pancake that’s why everyone is talking about you,” she colorfully replied.

Jen Shah tweet vs Lisa Barlow 02 of 03 - turned faster than a burnt pancake

There was more.

Lisa had clearly judged some of her castmates for discussing her late friend Cameron and whether he might have been mentally impaired.

She wrote: “Not one of these girls knew Cameron and his name should not have been brought up.”

Jen Shah tweet vs Lisa Barlow 03 of 03 - you brought cameron into this

Jen was quick to fire back: 

“You’re the one that brought him into this Lisa,” she tweeted.

Of course, inviting someone to appear with you on a show does not mean that you can’t call out your castmates for badmouthing them.

Jen also locked horns with Meredith Marks plenty on screen, and that feud is not solely for the cameras.

In her Instagram Story, Jen shared a re-posted Story taking aim at Meredith’s hiring of a private investigator.

Apparently, this was a symptom of Meredith’s alleged “fakeness.”

Jen Shah IG shades Meredith Marks over private investigator

“It’s funny that Meredith wants to go directly to Mary about the [rumors] her cousin is [spreading] around,” the post remarked.

“But when it come to [Jen Shah] she hires an investor hmmm!!” the Story read.

The post then declared: “Fakeness at its best!”

Here is the thing: every now and then (not necessarily here), Jen Shah is going to make some solid points.

She has, for example, taken a genuine stance against racism, even leaving her church due to its history of racism.

That still speaks to her character. But … so does everything else.

Jen is intensely combative, going above and beyond to lash out at any perceived enemies.

All of that was apparent, well, the whole time.

What we didn’t know until it made international news was that Jen was being investigated by federal authorities.

Jen of course has not been convicted yet of the fraud and money laundering charges.

But the charges are not just serious, they speak a lot to Jen’s character unless this is all some sort of misunderstanding.

It is more than understandable that some of her castmates have both personal and moral reasons to not be nice to her.

It’s also, you know, great for ratings and their careers — we shouldn’t forget that.

But not everyone is taking aim at Jen during this contentious time.

Jen actually gave a couple of shoutouts that carried a friendlier tone.

“Thank you [Heather Gay] for being a friend when I needed it the most,” Jen wrote on Instagram.

She added: “[Jennie Nguyen] I appreciate you being a good person and not judging without any facts, proof, or evidence.”

Of course, with people like Lisa Rinna condemned by fans for doing the same to Erika Jayne (who has not been charged with anything), Heather and Jennie may want to tread lightly.

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