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Jenelle Evans Chugs Beer, Flaunts Midsection In Response to Claims That She “Let Herself Go”


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We can’t believe that we have to have this conversation again.

As we’ve pointed out so many times in the past, there are many, many legitimate reasons to talk trash about Jenelle Evans.

She’s a bigot, an abuser of children, a compulsive liar, and one of the laziest human beings in history.

Despite all of that, it’s not okay to body-shame Jenelle or make fun of her appearance.

We understand that her genral awfulness might lead some people to abandon their principles and say things they wouldn’t normally say in the comments on her Instagram page.

But it’s important to bear in mind that there’s nothing wrong with the way she — or anyone else — looks.

It’s her thoughts, words, and actions that are the problem.

So it pains us that we’re once again forced to defend Jenelle against people are makijng fun of her for all the wrong reasons.

But unfortunately, we’ve been down this road many times before.

Apparently, a TikTok commenter recently observed that Jenelle hasn’t been taking care of herself.

“She let herself go lmao,” this person allegedly remarked.

And folks, Jenelle really took this comment to heart.

She got all dressed up to make a video response, but we’re still not sure exactly what point she was trying ti make.

The clip began with Jenelle — clad in a fedora (always a bad sign) and bright red blazer — leaning close to the camera and lip-syncing to a soundtrack of uncertain origin.

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“Are you new here?” she asked the hater.

She then guzzled a Corona, which we guess was her way of saying she’s not … well, we’re not really sure what she was trying to say.

“My dude… Does it look like I care?” Evans wrote in the caption to the clip.

We know that question was meant to be rhetorical, but frankly, yeah, it does look like you care — quite a lot, in fact.

Like, why would anyone make a video response to a comment if they genuinely didn’t care?

Don’t get us wrong — we don’t blame Jenelle for being upset, but it’s strange that she feels like she has to pretend that’s not the case when it so clearly is.

How much more compelling would this video be if Jenelle just confessed that her feelings had been hurt and encouraged others to be kinder to one another on social media?

Anyway, despite everything that she’s done. Jenelle still has a lot of fans on TikTok, so she can usually count on quite a few defenders to come forward and get her back in cases like these.

“No… she’s a REAL woman. Not trying to be looking like everyone else,” one defender wrote, according to the 

“It’s called living and being happy. Do you boo, you look fabulous,” another added.

“No, she just stopped caring what others thought and does what makes her happy. Love it!” a third chimed in.

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Well, at least Jenelle has convinced someone that she doesn’t care what others think.

The rest of us aren’t buying it, but don’t worry.

We’re sure she’ll continue to go to great pains to convince us that’s the case.


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