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Jenelle Evans: I Have a Perfect Face, Unlike That Goblin Chelsea Houska!


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Do you like to hear weird, kind of embarrassing stories about Jenelle Evans and all of her hijinks?

If so, then boy, do we have a treat for you today!

OK, so you know how Jenelle does that thing every so often where she tries to get into a feud with Chelsea Houska, even though Chelsea never acknowledges it and the feud exists solely in her own mind?

A good example of this is the website drama — a few years ago, Jenelle created a site for herself, and a month or two later Chelsea had her own site, too.

Instead of realizing that having a website is a totally normal thing for literally anyone, especially people in the public eye, to do, Jenelle decided to pretend like Chelsea was copying her.

More recently, Jenelle shared a meme of Chelsea, one that used the conversation she had with her father years ago about wanting a happy ending when she was still miserable with Adam Lind.

The meme shows a screenshot of that tearful scene alongside a photo of Chelsea with her adorable, happy family now, and it’s really very sweet, but of course Jenelle had something negative to say about it.

“Yeah it sucks some people try to act like their lives are picture perfect and scared to put down their pride to make their lives relatable and admit their flaws,” she wrote.

“Some girls act like they’re a Stepford wife. And yes I will hold a grudge and always make it known.”

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Yeah, clearly.

She’s done that a lot over the years, making those weird insinuations that there’s some deep dark secret about Chelsea’s life that only she knows, which doesn’t make sense because she and Chelsea were never close, and certainly haven’t been in recent memory.

But the fact is that while obviously no one has a perfect life, Jenelle has an exceptionally messy one, and the juxtaposition of that with Chelsea’s perfectly curated Instagram feed is just too much for her to take.

And that’s why she made this truly insane comment on TikTok.

You may be familiar with The Grace Report, a popular Teen Mom commentator on YouTube — she has a TikTok as well, and she made a funny little video about Jenelle and Chelsea.

In the video, Grace did a TikTok trend of using an audio clip from the movie Borat to compare two people — it’s from the scene where Borat talks about his neighbor and complains about how every time he does something, his neighbor does the same thing.

She used a photo of the matching heart tattoo that the original Teen Mom 2 cast got during a reunion taping, then showed a headline from when Jenelle revealed that Chelsea, Leah, and Kailyn had all gotten the tattoo together, but she went later on her own.

She also used the photo of Chelsea’s chicken coop, and then the coop that Jenelle got later.

The Borat clip ends with Borat saying that he got a clock radio, but that his neighbor couldn’t afford one, and he called it a great success, so for Chelsea and Jenelle, Grace used a photo of Chelsea with her children followed by a headline about Jenelle losing custody of her kids in 2019 after David killed her dog.

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The joke, of course, being that while Jenelle has tried to do some of the same things Chelsea has done, Chelsea is ultimately more successful.

It was all fun and games, but then guess who showed up in the comments!

Yep, Jenelle found the video, and she chose to reply to it with “You forgot to include I have the perfect face by the Golden Ratio and not in a 3 million dollar lawsuit.”

Take all the time you need to really take in exactly how bizarre that comment is …


Why on earth would she think saying any of that was a good idea?!

The Golden Ratio, if you’re unfamiliar, is a mathematical term often used to talk about beauty — the idea is that a beautiful person will have this certain ratio in the proportions of their face, and apparently Jenelle has this.

But to actually say the words “I have the perfect face” in any context is just an inconceivably douchey move, especially because the implication here is clearly that Chelsea does not have a perfect face.

So this is essentially Jenelle saying that she’s prettier than Chelsea, which is super rude.

As for the 3 million dollar lawsuit bit, she’s referring to the fact that Chelsea and Cole were sued earlier this year for breach of contract by a consulting company they’d worked with.

But while that’s not a good thing, it’s not like Jenelle’s never been involved with any lawsuits herself.

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In fact, she’s got a custody case going right now because she’s still trying to get Jace back 12 years after she signed him over to her mother because she wouldn’t stop partying long enough to take care of her child.

Congrats on that perfect face though, girl.

Grace herself had a similar reaction, replying “Not you ignoring losing custody of your kids to brag about your gOlDeN rAtIo.”

“Cannot afford,” Jenelle wrote back, quoting the Borat clip.

Someone with the username “MarlboroSmoker01” also brought up the fact that Chelsea has successful businesses while Jenelle’s cosmetics company failed pretty miserably.

“Look at your username,” she replied. “That’s pathetic. I feel so bad for you.”

While it’s true that she no longer smokes cigarettes, she did smoke several years ago — she even smoked when she was pregnant with Kaiser.

And even after she quit, she kept smoking weed, which is did when she was pregnant with Ensley, enough that poor Ensley failed a drug test at birth.

So yeah, once again, not really the flex she thinks it is.

Is she ever going to, you know, not be like this?


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