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Jenelle Evans Reacts to TikTok Ban: I’m a Freakin’ Star!


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Jenelle Evans doesn’t have a whole lot going on in her life these days.

Sure, Evans has regained custody of most of her kids, but she’s never been the most hands-on parent, so she’s still not very busy.

Social media is Jenelle’s sole source of income, so it makes sense that she devotes much of her time and attention to it.

What else is she gonna do? Get a job? Good one!

Mind you, it’s not easy for Evans to cash in on her sizable online following.

That’s because her problematic past keeps her cashing in on the sort of sponsored content deals that enable most influencers fo make a living.

So Jenelle has to upload a non-stop stream of content to TikTok in order to make ends meet.

Most people would prefer a steady paycheck to that sort of life, but there appears to be no limit to how far Jenelle’s willing to go in order to avoid contributing anything even remotely useful to society.

But we don’t need to tell you that there’s a problem with the washed-up reality star’s current business plan: 

It makes Jenelle 100 percent reliant on TikTok, and since she’s nowhere near the top of list of the site’s most popular accounts, the admins can cut her loose at any time with zero impact on their bottom line.

Jenelle received an unpleasant reminder of her vulnerability this week when Jenelle was “banned” from posting live content.

Obviously, that would be a very minor development in the life of any normal person, but Jenelle made a huge deal out of it, because that’s what she does.

“So yeah, if you guys were on TikTok Live with me someone reported my video for illegal activities,” Evans told her Instagram followers.

“So they banned my Live until the 13th. I submitted an appeal, so hopefully they let me go on Live soon…”

The news came shortly after Jenelle posted a pic in which she could be seen wearing a shirt that said “Caffeine Guns and Freedom.”

At first, some of her followers assumed that Jenelle was banned because of her endorsement of coffee and firearms.

But it doesn’t appear that the shirt actually offended anyone.

It did, however, leave quite a few people deeply confused.

“Why does this shirt even exist? So stupid,” one person commented, according to The Sun.

“Is a caffeine gun like the alternate universe version of a tranquilizer gun?” another asked.

“This shirt makes my head hurt. Maybe I need a caffeine gun…” a third chimed in.

Eventually, a more plausible explanation emerged, and a Reddit user pointed out that Jenelle posted a live video in which her equally unemployed husband, David Eason, was seen handling a weapon.

“… The people on the live were commenting on the gun and Jenelle said something like, ‘This is why my lives get reported,'” the redditor wrote.

So Jenelle predicted her own fate, but it seems the squeaky wheel got the grease in this case.

After a few hours of complaining on Instagram and Twitter, Evans got her account reinstated.

“Never mind, I’m back – thanks TikTok!” she tweeted the same day that her “ban” took effect.

Jenelle was never actually banned, just prevented from going live for a few hours.

Even so, it seems she was overjoyed to be back to full strength on the site, and she celebrated by reminding the world that she still thinks she’s super-famous.

“My husband: Stop watching your own TikTok videos,” Evans captioned her latest video.

“I’m a motherf–king star,” she lip-synced in response.

Hey, if that’s what Jenelle has to believe in order to get through her day, we encourage her to go right on thinking it.

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