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Jenelle Evans Responds to Claims That She Can’t Stand Her Stepdaughter


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If you know anything about Jenelle Evans, then you know that she won’t be winning any Mom of the Year awards anytime soon.

Jenelle had her kids taken away by CPS in 2019, and even now, she and David Eason haven’t regained custody of all of their offspring.

Evans eldest son Jace still lives with his grandmother, and David has a kid he’s not even allowed to visit.

But he also has a daughter who spends much of her time on The Land with the rest of the Eason clan.

As you may recall 14-year-old Maryssa took the stand during Jenelle and David’s long fight to regain custody of their kids.

And ever since, commenters on Instagram and Reddit have been expressing concerns that the girl is being treated unfairly simply because she told the truth about her experiences with Evans and Eason.

In the past, Jenelle has openly called Maryssa a liar, and she’s shared videos in which David attempts to manipulate the teen into taking his side in fights against her mother.

These days, Maryssa doesn’t make any appearances on her parents’ social media pages, and for obvious reasons, that’s raised quite a few concerns.

Over the weekend, Jenelle shared a TikTok post that featured a montage of photos of her kids.

Maryssa didn’t appear in the clip, and many fans took to the comments to express their belief that Evans was being insensitive toward her stepdaughter.

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In fairness to Jenelle, she offered a level-headed response, explaining Maryssa’s absence in a way that should satisfy those who were concerned for the girl.

“Maryssa doesn’t want to be online period. That’s her personal preference. She deleted all social media,” Evans wrote in the comments, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Same with David’s son, Kaden,” she continued.

Evans went on to explain that were it not for Maryssa’s aversion to social media, she would have included her in the video tribute to her kids.

“I would have included her. I don’t want to make her mad by posting her when she deleted all her accounts,” Jenelle wrote.

“She doesn’t want to be shown online anymore and doesn’t want any social media.”

At 14, Maryssa is certainly old enough to make such a decision for herself, and it’s to her parents’ credit that they respect that choice.

Kaden is only seven, so the choice to keep him off of Instagram and TikTok was probably made by his mother, Olivia Leedham, but the important thing is that the Easons are complying with that wish.

This is not the first time that Evans has been accused of snubbing Maryssa.

Last year, she described her three biological kids as her “best friends,” and many pointed out that she had excluded the other minor who resides under her roof.

“Thanks everyone for the support! I didn’t forget about Maryssa but I feel like it would’ve been rude towards her mom,” Evans replied.

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So there you have it.

Maryssa might never appear in another one of Jenelle’s posts, but as long as the arrangement works for everyone, that’s just fine.

And for everyone who goes to Evans’ page looking for a reason to get angry, fear not:

We’re sure she’ll say something ridiculous some time in the very near future.


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