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Jenelle Evans to MTV: Put Me Back on Teen Mom! I Need My Redemption!


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Jenelle Evans would like another shot at reality TV stardom.

First, however, the former Teen Mom star would like to take a few shots at Amber Portwood.

Earlier this week, Portwood told Evans to basically STFU, telling her frequent foe that no one cares about her anymore.

Like, not at all.

“And the thing is that, honey, I get it. You’re not on the show anymore,” Amber said to Jenelle, adding at the time:

“Things happened, Okay, fine. I totally get it. But you know you’re outta your damn mind if you think people are [obsessed with you].”

In response, Evans nodded along, said she understood and didn’t further the feud in any way, shape or form.

Just kidding.

“Amber, I’m not even in the mood to address your stupid bullsh-t but here we go,” Jenelle began in her Instagram Story rant.

“First of all, I’m gonna speak on what I want to because, when it comes to you, I don’t find it quite fair that I was let go from MTV for no reason.”

Ah, yes. This seems to be Jenelle’s main point of contention:

Portwood was arrested in July 2019 for domestic violence after she allegedly attacked second baby Andrew Glennon, apparently using a machete to try and break down the bathroom door behind which Glennon was cowering with the ex-couple’s son.

She remains employed by MTV, however.

Amber is even playing a role on the eight-part special series Teen Mom: Family Vacation.

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Jenelle, though?

She was fired by Teen Mom producers after child protective services took away her kids for about a month because husband David Eason is a legitimate sociopath… who shot and killed the family dog back then.

Neither of these women should have the platform or the paycheck afforded to them by MTV, really.

“I understand your feelings— and everybody else’s feelings towards me…well, I understand you guys hate me. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand what I did to you,” continued Evans, attempting to calm down.

“Now, if you want to squash the drama, squash the bulls**t, we can.

“But…is it unfair that I was let go and you weren’t? Yes. And I think everyone can see that.”

Evans continued to emphasize how “unfair” the contrast is between what transpired with her and what has happened with Portwood.

And, like Amber, Jenelle would like another opportunity on air.

“Everyone deserves to see my redemption story!” Jenelle added angrily.

“Everyone deserves to see where I’m at today, and how much of a greater person I am. And how I’m being.”

She’s being pretty darn racist some might say, and she’s still married to a man who almost definitely broke her collarbone a few years ago.

But still.

“And am I sitting here begging to be back on TV? No, I’m not beggin’! Because, actually, it was a little bit of a traumatic experience for me for 10 years,” Evans said this week on Instagram.

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“But, you know, when they play old [seasons on] Netflix shows and then everyone still thinks I’m the same way, that is what pisses me off.”

Concluded the often-drunk North Carolina native:

“So, yeah, it would be nice if I can show where I’m at today, and how my mom and David get along, and how Nathan [Griffith] and David get along, and how everything’s been so great!

“But they don’t want to show greatness!”


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