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Jennifer Aydin: I Caught My Husband Cheating the Day Before I Gave Birth!


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Last week, Margaret Josephs had harsh words for Jennifer Aydin.

After Jennifer judged her for having cheated on her ex, Margaret revealed that Jennifer’s husband cheated on her.

This wasn’t just a rumor. Jennifer admitted that it was true.

In a stunning confession, she explained exactly how she caught her husband cheating … one day before going into labor.

After Margaret Josephs spread the news, the other ladies were naturally curious.

Teresa Giudice and Dolores Catania sat down with Jennifer and a platter of grapes so appetizing that it had us craving them.

There, Tre asked Jennifer how she found out that her husband was — years ago — cheating.

This went down 11 years ago, when Jennifer was pregnant with Christian, her fourth child.

At that time, she explained, the family had only just moved to New Jersey.

Bill was spending a lot of time working and was riding the high of making a lot of money.

“He was really feeling himself for a bit,” Jennifer characterized to her castmates.

It was on his credit card history that Jennifer first noticed that things did not look right.

Bill had gotten bottle service at a club — odd behavior for a married man with a baby due at any moment.

Following the credit card charge for VIP bottle service, Jennifer saw something more concrete.

She somehow stumbled across a text message on Bill’s phone.

The message, sent from this other woman to her husband, connected all of the dots.

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There is seldom a “good” time to discover that your husband is having an affair.

However, Jennifer felt especially vulnerable at the time.

She was massively pregnant with her fourth child, had recently moved there, and had no income of her own. She feared for her future.

Jennifer confronted Bill regardless, however.

He admitted to having the affair when asked, and Jennifer had more questions.

He confirmed that the affair had ended. He confirmed that he didn’t love the other woman. He assured her that he did not want a divorce.

It sounds like Jennifer did not take the news well, getting angry and throwing things in her fury.

The very next day, she went into labor and gave birth to their son, Christian.

Having those moments of bonding with Bill and Christian only convinced her further that she wanted this marriage to work out.

For the past decade, she and Bill have apparently never discussed the affair, considering the matter closed.

Jennifer didn’t tell her mother or her sister about what went down.

For Margaret to come after her with this has been tremendously hurtful, she expressed, in part because she still has emotions to process about that incident.

There is another issue with this revelation: Jennifer is a mother of five.

This is now public information. In fact, during filming, the news of the affair leaked and found it way to Jennifer’s daughter’s TikTok recommendations.

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Explaining that kind of betrayal to children is not easy, and can lead to longterm complicated feelings — just as it can for adults.


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