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Jenny Slatten Despairs as Sumit Singh’s Mom Moves In: I Can’t Take This!


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On last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Jenny and Sumit went to family counseling.

There, Sumit’s mother resolved that she would move in with them.

Jenny predicted at the time that this wasn’t a step towards accepting her, but a new means of tormenting her.

Judging by this sneak peek, she was absolutely right.

jenny and sumit s03e08 promo 01 of 13

In this sneak peek for Season 3, Episode 8, Sahna Singh asks for a tour of the home.

62-year-old Jenny Slatten and 33-year-old Sumit Singh at first seem happy to oblige … but then they reach the kitchen.

“This is where all the cooking happens,” Jenny announces as they enter the room.

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We are then treated to just so many shots of the countertops being cluttered and the sink being, well, in need of a bit of cleaning.

It’s their house, so of course Jenny and Sumit get to decide how full they want their countertops to be.

But when Sahna and Anil come to stay, they effectively decided that the couple would be living by their rules.

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After the montage of unflattering looks at the kitchen, Sahna speaks.

She tells them about how things should be stored.

Here’s a hint: not out in the open.

jenny and sumit s03e08 promo 04 of 13

Sahna also says that dishes should be put away after they are washed instead of left out where they dry.

One imagines that Jenny has had to adapt to an entirely different kitchen setup than she is accustomed to in the United States.

But finding a system that works for her and for Sumit is not the same as finding something that works for Sahna. Clearly.

jenny and sumit s03e08 promo 05 of 13

“Clean, neat and clean,” Anil says encouragingly.

This is when Sahna speaks about the floors in the kitchen, encouraging Jenny to grab a broom.

The result is that we then see three family members watching while Jenny sweeps her kitchen under their supervision.

jenny and sumit s03e08 promo 06 of 13

Jenny also speaks to the confessional camera about this undignified experience.

“She’s going through my kitchen and finding every single thing wrong,” she laments.

Jenny describes Sahna “checking every single corner, moving my stuff around, making me clean and sweep.”

jenny and sumit s03e08 promo 07 of 13

“Well, God damn, if this isn’t going the exact way I knew it would,” Jenny remarks.

Jenny immediately expressed the concern on the last episode that this was a ploy to allow Sahna to make her miserable.

“I’m just pissed,” she expresses. “It’s my kitchen.”

jenny and sumit s03e08 promo 08 of 13

Sahna speaks at length to the camera about her ideas about housekeeping.

“Cleaning and maintaining the entire house is our daily job,” she says.

Sahna does not have high hopes that her would-be daughter-in-law will adapt to her demands.

jenny and sumit s03e08 promo 09 of 13

Sahna laments that Jenny is “past the age for learning.”

As such, she believes that she will be incapable of making this adjustment.

We have to say, it looks like Jenny is right about her motives.

jenny and sumit s03e08 promo 10 of 13

Of course, Sumit — who is not being asked to do any of this cleaning — seems to be enjoying it.

“I’m not saying Jenny don’t do a good job,” he clarifies to the camera.

“But,” Sumit continues, “my mom is asking her to do better than whatever she’s doing. So, I like it.”

jenny and sumit s03e08 promo 13 of 13

While many viewers might personally agree with Sahna’s preferences for a tidy kitchen … we can acknowledge that it is Jenny’s kitchen.

It’s for her and Sumit to decide how to keep and maintain their home and how to spend their time.

But since for now they have decided to invite Sahna into their home in this manner, we suppose that this means deciding to let her call the shots … for now.

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