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Jessa Duggar: Is She Working With Jim Bob to Distract Fans From the Josh Scandal?


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Well, it’s not a very happy holiday season for the members of the Duggar clan.

Even the ones who aren’t being held in solitary confinement as they await sentencing for possession of child pornography might find thst Christmas is just a little less merry and bright this year.

After all, Josh Duggar’s conviction might well be the thing that finally brings down the family media empire, which means a whole lot of grownups who have never worked a day in their lives might finally be forced to get jobs.

Even the sane ones who are rightly happy about the idea of Josh spending the next 20 years behind bars might feel a bit salty about the end of the family media empire.

But hey, at least some of the Duggars are trying to cap off this very dark year with a festive celebration of their favorite holiday.

Take Jessa Duggar, for example.

She might not be feeling the Christmas spirit very much this year, but as the mother of three young children, she’s doing her best to keep up appearances.

Jessa posted her annual Christmas video, announcing to fans that as usual, the Seewald family celebration would be a multi-day affair.

In addition to “Christmas Adam” with Ben Seewald’s family and Christmas Eve with the Duggars, the Seewalds decided to carrh out their own mini-celebration at home on December 22.

It’s a lot, but you can’t overstate the extent to which the Duggars love Christmas.

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But some fans think Jessa might have had an underhanded purpose for posting the video.

“We know [Jim Bob Duggar] got you out here distracting us sis, but it’s okay we love you, Jessa. [You are] so pretty,” one commenter wrote on YouTube.

Normally, that’s the kind of remark that Jessa would simply let slide.

But for obvious reasons, she might be feeling a bit more on-edge than usual these days.

“That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Jessa replied, according to In Touch.

“But thanks for softening your rudeness with a compliment.”

The fan took the clap-back in stride and did a bit of back-pedaling, claiming that it was never her intention to insult Jessa (even though it clearly was).

“I’m glad I made you laugh [though. By the way,] you really are super pretty. Merry Christmas Angel,” the anonymoys trash-talker replied.

This is a tough one, as the Duggars have claimed their place as the most problematic family in the history of reality television, and it would probably be good for everyone involved if they just laid low for a while.

But on the other hand, Jessa is one of Josh’s victims, and if sharing her family’s festivities with her millions of social media followers is one of the the things that brings her joy this holiday season, then she’s absolutely entitled to do so,

Plus, it’s not as though the Seewalds have been burying their heads in the sand with regard to the Josh scandal.

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While they haven’t been as outspoken as Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, Ben and Jessa did issue a statement after Josh’s verdict was revealed.

“From the moment we learned of this case against Josh we have prayed that God would cause the truth to be made known, no matter what it was, and that the facts would be followed wherever they led,” the couple wrote on their personal blog.

“We are grieved beyond words over the children exploited and abused in child sexual abuse material, and we are thankful for our justice system in its punishment of such evils,” the Seewalds continued.

“Our hearts break for Josh’s family and we ask your continued prayers for them in the unfathomable grief and pain they are enduring.”

Yes, this is a very dark time for the entire Duggar family.

So we won’t begrudge Jessa for finding a little light wherever she can during this holiday season.

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