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Jordan Cashmyer’s First Baby Daddy Says He’s Glad the Reality Star is Dead


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As previously and tragically reported, Jordan Cashmyer is dead at the very young age of 26.

A former reality star who appeared in 2014 on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, Cashmyer gave birth to her second child just seven months ago.

She was also the mother to a seven-year old girl named Genevieve, who she welcomed back in the day with ex-boyfriend Derek Taylor.

And, in the wake of Cashmyer’s passing, you simply won’t believe what Taylor had to say in response.

Cashmyer struggled for years after starring on the aforementioned program.

She was arrested in 2017 for drug possession … was homeless for a period of time… and also made money by workiing as an escort.

In 2015, Cashmyer signed over temporary custody of her firstborn to Taylor’s mother, who has been raising Genevieve along with her son ever since.

So there’s some background for you. Now we can delve into Derek’s appalling reaction to his ex’s shocking death.

Jordan Cashmyer and derek

In the wake of Cashmyer’s death, a social media tagged Taylor in a tweet, writing: “I’m really sorry for your and your daughters loss.”

Taylor then wrote back:

We didn’t lose anything.

no loss!

As you might imagine, fans were quick to express their shock at Taylor’s cruel response, with commenters calling his statement “terrible” and “heartless,” while others argued that “he should’ve just stayed silent” on the matter.

This prompted a more detailed follow-up from Taylor.

“[Genevieve] lost her mom 7 years ago. Whatever damage my daughter was/is going to suffer was set in place 7 years ago,” Derek tried to explain on Twitter.

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“Genevieve is better off without her mother. Just as she has been her whole life. Jordan isn’t relevant to my daughters life all the sudden. We’re good over here.”

It may be true that Jordan played next to no role in the life of her first daughter.

But you’d also hope it would be true that Taylor would refrain from making such callous remarks immediately following Cashmyer’s death.

Just stay silent, dude.

You don’t have to comment in a public space, especially when most reports indicate that Cashmyer had been sober for a year and had really turned her life around over the past several months.

Continued Taylor in his defense/clap back against critics:

“Lmao 1 think [sic] I can promise is that my daughter will make better choices than the person who birthed her, why not worry about yourself?

“You weren’t worried about us 7 years ago when Jordan left… keep that same energy.

“Me and mine are good!! Always have been! Always will be!”

No cause of death been announced yet for Jordan Cashmyer.

The news of her passing was broken by her stepmother, who used her father’s social media account on Sunday to write:

Last night I received a call no parent ever wants. My oldest beloved daughter, Jordan has passed away, she was only 26 years old. Our hearts are truly broken.

No parent should ever have to go through losing a child, EVER.

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She concluded in her message:

Please keep my family in your thoughts prayers as we navigate through this terrible tragedy.

Please understand and respect our privacy at this time.

We are surrounded by the love and support of our children, grand daughter Lyla and family members.

For his part, Taylor also clarified that he did try to help Jordan get clean… and played no part in her substance abuse issues.

“Lmao there’s no blood on my hands at all,” he tweeted.

“I didn’t introduce Jordan to drugs. I didn’t encourage Jordan to continue to do drugs.

“I attempted to help her and she didn’t want my help. My family is good regardless of what happened with Jordan.”

Derek concluded by saying he worked hard to make sure his daughter was taken care of, and took offense at the notion that he should have released a decent statement after Jordan died.

“A decent statement? For a deadbeat mom who was abusing drugs?

“Society is horrible deadbeat dads get crucified, but a deadbeat mom gets glorified? Gtfoh.

“My statement remains… we didn’t lose anything.”


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