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Josh Duggar Handcuffed and Booked After Guilty Verdict: WATCH


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On Thursday, Josh Duggar was found guilty of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse materials.

As the world celebrated this righteous outcome, Josh wept and was escorted out of court.

Now, there is a video from his booking as police processed him.

Home confinement is over. Josh will spend the next four months in jail while he awaits sentencing.

Josh Duggar is booked while in handcuffs after guilty verdict

In a new video from the Washington County Detention Center, Josh is led to the booking area by one officer.

Meanwhile, two other officers follow the handcuffed creep.

Josh’s clothing is inspected and he received a patdown while two officers supervise, watching from several feet away.

This is not a dignified moment for Josh, who must face the wall and spread his legs during the search.

Only after the inspection were Josh’s hands and wrists freed from teh cuffs.

At that point, he was ordered to sit on the bench, where he was to remain for the remainder of the booking process.

Josh also had his mouth inspected for any hidden objects, and also had to remove his shoes and socks.

Hypothetically, one might hide a small weapon or even a carefully packaged pill in all sorts of places.

While there are many calls to end the dehumanizing treatment of prisoners, some degree of inspection is required to keep everyone safe.

Early on Thursday, December 9, the jury reached a verdict.

They announced to the court that they had found Josh Duggar guilty on both counts.

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Josh looked as his family as the jury announced their decision.

Josh did not openly weep, but he was seen to be tearful by eyewitnesses.

Handcuffed in court, Josh took the time to tell Anna that he loves her.

His wife, who has stood by his side against all moral clarity and common sense, was said to appear “stoic” by those in court.

Jim Bob Duggar reportedly offered consolation to Anna despite her calm exterior, even giving her a hug.

Then, Jim Bob departed from the courtroom alongside his son, Justin, and Justin’s wife, Claire.

In contrast to Josh and Anna, Justin was openly crying while watching Josh be taken into custody.

On Thursday, Judge Brooks shared that Josh will be sentenced in four months.

“Mr Duggar 100 percent has been compliant awaiting trial,” he acknowledged.

“I appreciate that and I wanted to acknowledge that,” Judge Brooks continued, “however because of the guilty offenses he must be detained.”

The Judge explained that this is “regardless of flight risk,” adding that “there will be a mandatory detention.”

He added: “The Marshals will set that up.”

Josh’s defense team is planning to appeal the verdict.

Josh’s stay at the Washington County Detetion Center comes with real safety risks.

In 2013, an inmate endured a brutal 16-hour sexual assault, beating, and general torment from two other inmates.

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More than a decade earlier, there was a similar but briefer sexual assault in the same facility when authorities placed a 15-year-old minor in confinement with adult inmates.

These sorts of assaults are a horror and an indictment of our systemically flawed judicial and carceral system.

While we hold no good will towards a disgusting sexual predator like Josh, true justice cannot be meted out upon one monster by another.

Josh is behind bars where he belongs, and after his sentencing next year, it is hoped that he will remain behind bars for decades to come.

Josh’s conviction stems from his arrest in April of this year, which in turn followed a Homeland Security Raid on his workplace two years ago.

According to prosecutors, investigators, and some of the best forensic computer analysts in the country, Josh downloaded horrific photos and videos.

We have covered the digital evidence against Josh Duggar at length, and are pleased that the jury took the time to understand the complicated evidence.

Of course, there is a real risk that Jim Bob and the rest of the Duggar brood will attempt to wash their hands of him, publicly.

For years, now, Josh has been a hindrance to Jim Bob’s financial, social, and political aspirations — the one good thing that Josh has ever done, and it wasn’t on purpose.

We must now hope that the public will not forget the sinister role that Jim Bob and others played in making Josh who he grew up to be and covering his past crimes.

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