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Juliana Custodio Denies Cheating on Michael Jessen with His Ex-Wife’s Husband


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Last November, more than a month after confirming her split from Michael Jessen, Juliana Custodio had big news.

She is pregnant, especting her first child with her boyfriend, Ben.

A startling new allegation accuses Juliana of having cheated with Michael’s ex-wife’s new husband.

There is even an accusation that Juliana’s baby might be his, and not her new man’s.

In Touch Weekly spoke to multiple sources who have some shocking claims about Juliana Custodio.

According to them, 25-year-old Juliana was seen “making out” with 39-year-old Sean Naso.

This was “in the kitchen” of the Connecticut home that they shared with Michael Jessen, his ex, Sarah, and the kids, Max and Cece.

Allegedly, this went down during a farewell party thrown for Juliana.

That was in September of 2021, before Juliana left on her trip to Europe.

It was also before she and Michael announced their split to the world.

In November, Juliana announced that she and her boyfriend, who goes by Ben Obscura on Instagram, were expecting.

This announcement came “in response” to a phone call that Juliana had with Michael, an inside source alleged to In Touch Weekly.

Reportedly, Michael had “asked her to give their marraige another chance.”

“And,” the insider continued, Michael had “asked for six months of therapy” to try to mend their bond in marriage counseling.

This was already more than a month after their breakup had gone public.

Per the source, “24 hours later, they announced their relationship and pregnancy.”

According to the report, Michael’s ex Sarah raised questions about the baby’s paternity shortly after the news broke.

An additional insider confirmed that Sarah “thought the baby belonged to Sean.”

While it’s certainly unclear if there’s any evidence that an actual affair took place, it sounds like Sarah believed that there was one.

“Michael was in shock and devastated,” the previous source characterized.

“He didn’t want to believe that Juliana would stoop that low,” the insider claimed, “and betray his trust.”

According to the second source, Michael first heard about Juliana’s pregnancy “the same way everyone else in the world did.”

That means that Michael checked Instagram, saw Juliana post excitedly about being pregnant, and that’s how he found out.

“Michael was physically ill,” the insider described, “and wept.”

The source added that Michael was “stunned” and “felt dizzy with confusion and disbelief.”

However, it is important to emphasize that these claims come from unidentified sources who claim to have knowledge, albeit anonymously.

Meanwhile, Juliana has denied any claims of cheating.

She also affirmed that she has “confirmation” that Ben, not Sean or Michael, is the father.

“It’s really sad that this family has nothing to use against me,” she began in a statement.

“And they are using my baby and making these stories about me,” Juliana expressed to In Touch Weekly.

On a sad note, she stated: “I hope I never have to hear or see these people again.”

It’s important to note that the baby daddy scandal appears to be nonsense, based upon what little evidence we have.

The sonogram that Juliana shared was dated on January 17, and lists the gestational age of the fetus as 12 weeks and 4 days.

We’re talking about late October — around the 23rd — when Juliana was already in Europe.

It’s a real shame that was once a fan-favorite couple praised for genuine love have had such bitterness after breaking up.

We should all remember that, for all of the dirty tricks that 90 Day Fiance pulls with creative editing, these are real people with real lives.

Real life can be messy, emotions can be complicated and undesirable, and breakups can be painful.

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