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Juliana Custodio Files to Divorce Michael Jessen on Valentine’s Day! Ouch!


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Over the weekend, Juliana Custodio revealed that she and boyfriend Ben are expecting a baby boy.

This pregnancy is of course joyous news for the couple and for their friends, some of whom were moved to tears by the reveal.

It is obviously a less happy time for Juliana’s ex, Michael Jessen.

In timing so agonizing that it feels deliberate, Juliana formally filed to divorce him … on Valentine’s Day.

On Monday, February 14, Juliana Custodio submitted divorce paperwork in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

She filed for a “dissolution of marriage” just a few months following her split from Michael Jessen.

“Juliana is looking forward to her next chapter and putting this behind her as amicably as possible,” attorney Renee C. Bauer told In Touch Weekly.

Michael Jessen confirmed in October that he and Juliana had parted ways.

They had been married for just a little under two years.

At the time of his announcement, Juliana had already moved to Europe for work — and had also moved on.

In November, Juliana shared that she and her boyfriend, a photographer who goes by Ben Obscura on Instagram, were expecting their first child together.

Ben and Juliana both shared their happy news on social media.

In early January, Juliana also shared a look at her sonogram.

The pregnancy news came a little earlier in fetal development than most couples would choose to share it.

The reason was, according to reports, because Michael had been trying to win her back through private messages.

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Evidently, Juliana felt that sharing this news publicly would drive home the breakup’s permanence better than her words had.

Some have questioned whether Juliana was deliberately attempting to twist the knife by filing this on Valentine’s Day.

It is Michael’s first Valentine’s Day without her as his wife, fiancee, or girlfriend in years.

But there may be a more pragmatic explanation for why Juliana filed the paperwork on this chocolate-fueled day of celebration.

It is our understanding that Connecticut expects couples to be physically separated for at least 90 days before filing for divorce.

(There are states that require as much as a year or more of separation — a ludicrous system that causes a lot of needless misery)

While it looks like Juliana and Michael were separated for well over that amount of time, by more than four months, the timing of this filing may be a coincidence.

Juliana and Michael enjoyed a fan-favorite status after winning over many viewers with a story of genuine love.

Michael’s wealth, their age-gap, and questions about how they met had raised a lot of doubts as to what they both really wanted.

Truth be told, as is too often the case with 90 Day Fiance fans, most of the doubts were aimed at Juliana. A lot of vocal viewers really hate women.

The truth of the matter is that Michael and Juliana really loved each other.

That made their breakup, fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, sudden financial struggles, and Juliana feeling treated as an outsider or servant in her own home, more painful.

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Just because this split doesn’t have a juicy twist to it doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a lot of heartbreak on both sides, albeit at different stages of the breakup.


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