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June Shannon Holds Hands, Packs on PDA with Random Young Boyfriend


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According to June Shannon, she no longer puts drugs up her nose or down her throat.

This doesn’t mean the reality star’s mouth is empty these days, however.

She’s been filling it up with Justin Stroud’s tongue!

And we have the photographic evidence to prove it.

In pictures snapped by the paparazzi and obtained by The Sun, Shannon was out and about in the woods of Los Angeles this week, holding hands and swapping spit with Justin Stroud.

During their active date, the relatively new couple strolled hand-in-hand, often taking breaks to hug one another and snap selfies on the trail.

The 42-year old and her 34-year old lover went public with their relationship in October.

They did so via a social media post from Shannon that featured a tattoo allegedly etched on to her boyfriend by an artist who goes by @princeofink on Instagram.

So… who is Justin Stroud?

Not a lot is known about him, except that he once posed in front of a Confederate Flag.

Some might say this should be a red flag, but we’re guessing Shannon doesn’t include herself in this group.

Check out the questionable image in question below:

Based on court records also obtained by The Sun, Stroud has has an outstanding arrest warrant on him in Alabama after being busted for drugs and burglary.

He was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, as well as burglary at a dwelling in the third degree, and theft of property in November 2019.

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Stroud pleaded guilty to a pair of these charges and was subsequently placed on probation.

Still, compared to June’s most famous relationship to date? Perhaps Stroud is an upgrade.

Shannon spent many years, of course, in the romantic company of Geno Doak.

She was arrested in March 2019 for drug possession after an onlooker called 911 because this person witnessed Doak and Shannon engaged in a heated argument while parked in a gas station parking lot.

From there, Shannon only spiraled further and further downward.

She was basically homeless for awhile, living in various rundown Alabama hotel rooms and hanging out in casinos.

At one point, she has since admitted to spending a million dollars per year on drugs, all while abandoning her daughters.

June has said she’s been sober for over a year now, though.

She’s trying to rebuild her relationships with her kids, too, while apparently growing more smitten every day with this Justin Stroud character.

Just consider what she wrote on Facebook last month…

If they truly make you happy and they are who you want to be with for the rest of your life just make sure they know you are appreciative, grateful and thankful to have them and lucky to have them tell them you love them even you are mad.

June may need to work on her grammar.

That’s quite the run-on sentence there.

But when you’re blinded by love, it can be hard to see and type straight, you know?

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