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JWoww BLASTED After Using Daughter to Shill Clothes: Is She the Next Farrah Abraham?


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It’s true that fans have criticized JWoww in the past, both fairly and unfairly.

The murmurings in the Jersey Shore fandom over one of Jenni Farley’s latest posts, however, are on a whole new level.

She and her daughter posed in a seemingly innocuous, if a little over-produced for Instagram, photo.

So why are critics calling JWoww the gravest insult of our time: the next Farrah Abraham?

In a recent Instagram post, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and her 7-year-old daughter Meilani appeared side by side.

As is appropriate for January in the Northern Hemisphere, the mother and daughter wore winter jackets while standing outdoors.

Jenni held a fairly neutral expression. Beside her, Meilani flashed a peace sign.

The caption caught people’s eye, and in conjunction with the photo, is what elicited the backlash.

“Jackets from @NovaKids by @FashionNova,” Jenni wrote for context.

Clearly, this was an Instagram endorsement — an advertisement — for a children’s line of clothing.

Endorsement deals on social media can be lucrative, especially for reality stars and other famous people.

They can also be controversial at times.

People get particularly up in arms when children are used as props in these posts, as Jenni discovered.

“That all she teaches her kid? Just pose and get paid. So sad,” wrote one disappointed commenter.

“What about her son?” that same detractor asked.

“She’s a Farrah 2.0. showing your kids on social media, posing, is sad,” the comment concluded.

“Whenever I see a picture related to an ad i always wonder how Jenni asks Meilani to pose with her,” another mused.

The commenter hypothesized: “‘Sweetie it’s time to do another photo for Fashion Nova!’”

“Or,” the critic continued to speculate, “just put on the clothes in the morning and during the day randomly ask her to take a picture with you.”

“Why does Jwowws little girl always looks so unbelievably sad,” another commenter asked, “and too much make up.”

Some took the criticisms beyond the ad and suggested that there are larger parenting problems at play.

Is Meilani going to be following in her mother’s not-always-well-behaved footsteps?

“Oh when Milani is 20, dating a 30 year old, getting tattoos, a boob/lip/face job, putting in fake hair,” one critic began.

The commenter continued: “And hanging out at the clubs getting in fights with other people, peeing behind the bar,..that’ll be the day…”

“Like mother/like daughter…she (and all her friends) will see this on TV and karma is a biatch lol,” the critic predicted.

Another observed that Jenni posts “lots in recent model pics.”

Yet another commenter wrote that 7-year-old Meilani is “too young to do this, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

While it’s true that 7-year-olds do appear in many types of commercials, the existence of child actors and child models in general remains controversial.

The Farrah comparison comes from the way that Farrah Abraham has used her 12-year-old daughter Sophia in many ads.

Of course, in Farrah’s case, her personal brand is much more sexual, as we were reminded when she “playfully” smacked Sophia while holding a vibrator.

There need to be laws in place to prevent the Farrahs of the world (and possibly the JWowws) from using their children as marketing props to enrich themselves.

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