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Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Needs to Get a Job So He Can Pay for These Kids!


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Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez have this really interesting dynamic where it seems like they absolutely can’t stand each other but they also keep having children together.

It’s unfortunate, to put it mildly.

Kailyn was already a mother of two when she met Chris — she has Isaac, whose father is Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, whose father is Javi Marroquin — and together they welcomed Lux in 2017 and Creed in 2020.

Lux seemed to be quite the surprise, as he was conceived right around the time that her divorce from Javi became official and, as she’s told it, she’d been led to believe that she wouldn’t be able to have another child.

But during that pregnancy and in the weeks after she gave birth, it really feels like she should have learned all she needed to know about Chris.

On Teen Mom 2, we saw her complain and cry and just get so upset when he refused to show up to any doctor’s appointments or to be involved in any way whatsoever, and after Lux was born, we heard her claim that he’d broken a window in her bedroom when she was in there with the baby.

Still, she chased after him, and they would get back together then break back up until 2019, when Chris was arrested for some sort of altercation with her — we’re still not sure of the details, but we do know that she got a restraining order against him.

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But, surprise, surprise, it turned out that they’d already conceived another child together.

Towards the end of that pregnancy, she publicly accused him of choking her, and just a few months after Creed was born, she was arrested for allegedly assaulting Chris.

The whole relationship has truly been one of the messiest in Teen Mom history.

And one of the messiest things about them is that they just. Keep. Going.

Last week, Chris was in Miami on a vacation with some friends, and Kailyn had a problem with this because apparently he hasn’t been helping her financially with their children — and she discussed this issue on Instagram, naturally.

She specifically mentioned that he hadn’t helped with some recent medical bills, and she even shared screenshots of a $50 Venmo request for “Creed doctor and chest x-rays” that was denied.

Chris made a vague but very obvious post on his own Instagram about how “Sometimes when ppl can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you.”

But they waited until it was time to record their respective podcasts to really delve into the matter.

On Chris’ podcast, in excerpts transcribed by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Chris said “If you’re gonna tell a story, tell the whole story. You can’t tell a story and only tell the part that makes the other person look bad. Tell everything.”

What she failed to mention, he explained, was that he has insurance for Lux and he tried to get it for Creed, but Kailyn refused … because the insurance is Medicaid.

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“You can’t get on this internet and do all of that when I’m offering to help you,” he continued. “I don’t see why I need to come out of pocket when I have something that I don’t need to come out of pocket for … me and my mother explained that to you and you argued about it.”

“I’m to the point though where I’m just tired of talking about my personal life,” he said. “The drama of [Kail] posting our stuff on the internet … it’s all on Instagram and everything and now everybody knows and they’re attacking me.”

“We grown … people too grown to be doing what you’re doing at this point,” he directed towards Kailyn. “This is our business, these people don’t matter.”

“Stop doing this sh-t for the internet because these people don’t matter! You’re only hurting your son, you’re only hurting us!”

Meanwhile, on her own podcast, Kailyn explained her issue with Chris’ argument, saying “He doesn’t make what I make, and that excuse isn’t valid to me because Jo doesn’t make what I make. Javi doesn’t make what I make. And let’s not forget about the fact that Chris has a bachelor’s degree. Javi and Jo do not have degrees.”

“And Chris chooses to not work at all,” she said. “He doesn’t carry a job at all, but the other two do. Not only do they have 50/50 custody, but Javi and I split finances down to 50/50 for lunch money. And Javi doesn’t make what I make, but he doesn’t question it, doesn’t second guess it.”

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But her third baby daddy, she complained, “literally chooses not to work.”

“Last I knew he was living at home,” she revealed. “He’s 27 years old living at home with his mom, collecting EBT, which is food stamps, and state insurance.”

“By choice,” she stressed, “because she’s choosing not to work.”

She finished her argument with “So in my opinion, that’s not fair and you don’t get to take that away from someone who actually needs it and is working and trying to make ends meet.”

We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably say it a million more times before these two finally leave each other alone — what a mess.


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