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Kailyn Lowry: Okay, Fine, I Cheated on Javi!


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Kailyn Lowry has finally set the record straight.

Or so it seems, at least.

The long-time Teen Mom 2 star sat down for an Instagram Q&A with fans a few days ago, opening up the forum for pretty much any question on the minds of her followers.

It didn’t take long for Lowry to regret doing so, however.

kailyn cheat?

“Do you regret cheating on Javi and not working on the marriage?” some asked the mom of four at one point, prompting an immediate denial from Kailyn.

“Nobody cheated. Thank yew [sic],” she replied, alongside a photo of herself looking bored, irritated and unimpressed.

A few questions later, a follow-up was posed to the MTV personality.

“Why you lying saying you ain’t cheat on [Javi,] you know damn well you did,” it read.

At this point, unless we’re wildly off base, Kailyn confessed to her infidelity — while she also tried to put it in context.

“You guys act like you know my life better than [I do,]” Lowry said in a video response, emphasizing:

“Here’s the thing. If I cheated, so did he. If you go watch Marriage Bootcamp, it shows a little bit of a different side of what was filmed on Teen Mom.”

Added Kailyn as a caption to this footage: “Y’all really don’t let this s–t go.”

For the record, any time someone begins a sentence with If I cheated…?

This means that person cheated.

Kailyn and Javi, meanwhile, have quite the complex history.

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They were married from 2012 to 2017 and they share one child together, a seven-year old son named Lincoln, 7.

(The podcast host also shares son Isaac, 11, with ex Jo Rivera; and sons Lux, 4, and Creed, 16 months, with ex Chris Lopez. For his part, Javi shares son Eli, 3, with his former fiance Lauren Comeau.)

For months after their split, there was major bad blood between Lowry and Marroquin, especially after the latter confessed to cheating via a lie detector test he took on Marriage Boot Camp.

He confessed to cheating with multiple women, too..

But Lowry and Marroquin eventually settled into an amicable co-parenting situation.

Last summer, there were even rumors of the ex-spouses getting back together.

However, Kailyn then sarcastically thanked Comeau for body-shaming her in September (and thereby motivating Lowry to get into shape), which didn’t sit well with Marroquin.

At all.

“We’re damn near 30 years old at this point,” Marroquin wrote on social media, blaming Kailyn for poisoning their child’s mind.

“Lincoln can f****** read at this point. I’m tired of my son living in this f****** world and this is why I stopped filming and I refuse to go back to this life.”

He concluded this rant with a pointed message for his ex-wife:

My son can f****** read it’s time to grow the f*** up. Damn. Y’all got me cursing on here for no reason. Grow the f*** up.

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