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Kanye West: Cheating on Julia Fox ALREADY?!


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Has Kanye West reached a new rock bottom in recent weeks?

It’s tough to say, as the rapper has been better known for his deplorable behavior than for his music for the a solid decade now.

But while he’s certainly set the bar very, very low in the past, Kanye appears to have embraced villainy like never before this month.

The trouble began, of course, when Kim Kardashian started dating Pete Davidson.

Kanye, Kim, Pete

Prior to the start of that unexpected romance, insiders claimed that Kim and Kanye were splitting on amicable terms.

These days, nothing could be further from the truth.

For a while, Kanye was trying to win Kim back … but then he switched tactics.

These days, he vacillates between trying to ruin Kim’s relationship and trying to make her jealous.

So when he’s not spreading rumors that Pete has AIDS, Kanye is trying to create the impression that he’s totally moved on from Kim and has never been happier.

For a while he tried to accomplish this by dating Julia Fox.

Kanye, Julia

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out as Fox was revealed to be a huge Kardashian fan, and insiders claimed that Kim loved the idea that a loyal Keeping Up viewer might wind up as stepmother to her children.

So does Kanye have any interest in Fox beyond making Kim jealous, or was the actress just a pawn in his perverse game?

Well, it’s tough to say but TMZ’s report about Yeezy’s weekend doesn’t bode well for the future of “Juliye” as a couple.

According to the site, Kanye was spotted at a party on Sunday where the women vastly outnumbered the men.

TMZ claims that Kanye was “chatting up” several young ladies, at least one of whom was a dead ringer for Julia.

And given the extent to which Julia has been mimicking Kim’s style, we think it’s safe to say that Yeezy has a type!

Obviously, TMZ’s report has led to rumors that Kanye is cheating on Julia.

Of course, it’s worth noting that we have no idea if those two were ever exclusive, so it might not be possible for Kanye to cheat on Julia.

And even if they are an item, it’s entirely possible that Kanye “chatted up” numerous women and remained faithful to Julia.

But this isn’t the first indication we’ve had that West and Fox are not in it for the long haul as a couple.

Frankly, we get the impression that Kanye would drop Julia like a bad habit if Kim shot him a text and offered him a second chance.

After all, this is the guy who recently bought a house across the street from Kim’s

Kanye says he made the purchase so that he could be closer to his kids, but the consensus on social media is that he’s giving off major stalker vibes these days.

And even if he shelled out a couple mil just so that he could see his kids without hopping in the car, the purchase almost certainly served to make Kim and Pete deeply uncomfortable.

And it’s hard to believe that that didn’t factor into Kanye’s decision in any way.

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