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Kanye West Delivers TRUCKLOAD of Roses to Kim Kardashian For Valentine’s Day, DUMPS Julia Fox!


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Well, if Julia Fox hasn’t already taken the hint that her relationship with Kanye West is over, we suppose the rapper’s latest grand gesture ought to make that message crystal clear.

As you probably already know, Kanye has been trying to win Kim back for months now.

But like everything the rapper does, these efforts are very erratic and emotion-driven.

One day he’s issuing sincere pleas for a second chance, the next he’s telling the whole world that Pete Davidson has AIDS.

Kimye Split

Valentine’s Day finds Kanye going equally hard on both strategies, simultaneously stalking his ex with creepy grand gestures, all while testing the limits of our nation’s free speech laws by threatening violence against her new dude.

And the weirdest part is that West seems very proud of these public displays of insanity!

We’ll start with the literal truckload of roses that Ye had delivered to his estranged wife’s house this afternoon,

Kanye truck

Now, this a gesture so huge and bonkers that the paparazzi probably would have spread the word about it if Yeezy hadn’t done so himself.

Kanye posted the photo above along with a caption reading, “MY VISION IS KRYSTAL KLEAR” (in case you couldn’t read those same words on the side of the truck).

Naturally, he also added four rows of rose emojis.

Sadly, West didn’t expand on his new lunatic slogan.

It sounds like the opening line of a Unabomber-style manifesto, but we’re guessing it doesn’t go any deeper than the double K’s on “Krsytal” and “Klear” representing Kim and Kanye.

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Younger readers will just have to take our word for it when we say this guy used to be a talented wordsmith.

Anyway, according to TMZ, Kanye isn’t pretending with Julia anymore.

The site reports that West and Fox have broken up, despite the fact that she was claiming just a few days ago that they were still together.

No word on whether or not Kanye actually dumped the actress, or if he just assumed she would get the message when he ghosted her and started publicly stalking his ex.

Reacting to speculation that she and Yeezy had gone their separate ways, Fox confirmed the split but offered no details in a tweet that has since been deleted.

“Y’all would love if I was soooo upset! The media would love to paint a picture of me a sad lonely woman crying on a plane by myself but it’s NOT TRUE!! Why not see me for what I am which is a #1 hustler,” she wrote.

“I came up yall lol and not only that but Kanye and I are on good terms! I have love for him but I wasn’t in love w the man Jesus Christ what do u guys think I am 12 years old?!”

Fox went on to confirm that she cried in public recently, but she says the emotional episode had nothing to do with Kanye, and her tears were the result of “my dead BFF bday.”

Fortunately, it seems that Julia has figured out a way to cash in on this situation. 

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“Anyway If u want the full tea ur gonna have to buy the book when it comes out,” she concluded her statement.

As for his other strategy, Kanye is still threatening Pete both on social media and in song form.

In a guest verse on a new Fivio Foreign track, Yeezy hints that he might pay an unexpected visit to Pete on the set of Saturday Night Live.

“This afternoon, a hundred goons pullin’ up to SNL (What?) When I pull up, it’s dead on arrival,” West rapped.

Kanye meme

He also shared a bunch of memes mocking Davidson’s appearance and suggesting that the two of them are the heads of two warring factions.

“THE INTERNET STILL HAS NOT FOUND A DECENT PICTURE OF SKETE,” West captioned the ridiculous post above, employing his new nickname for Pete.

Fortunately, insiders say Kim and Pete are taking all of this insanity in stride.

“Pete is staying far away from Kanye,” a source close to the situation tells Us Weekly, adding that Davidson is “taking the mature route” in response to West’s taunts. “He’s not afraid of him — he just doesn’t want to get involved in the divorce drama.”

Meanwhile, Kanye offered up some Valentine’s Day romantic wisdom for his followers:


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Sound advice, we suppose.

Although it seems a little too specific to be helpful to everyone.


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