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Kanye West Fires Lawyer, Enters Meltdown Mode After Kim Wins Divorce Bid


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More bad news for Kanye West:

After more than a year of legal wrangling, Kim Kardashian is officially a single woman.

According to a new report from TMZ, a judge in Los Angeles has granted Kim’s request to end her marriage to Kanye West.

Kim filed for divorce back in February of 2021, but things get complicated when you have billions in assets and custody of four kids to bicker over.

Also, the situation was complicated by the fact that Kanye lost what remained of his sanity over the past couple of months.

More on that later.

There’s a rumor going around that Kim’s request was denied because she improperly filled out her paperwork — referring to Kanye as Kanye, rather than by his new legal name, Ye — but TMZ says it’s all bogus.

The site also notes that Kim attended her remote hearing from a closet in her Hidden Hills home so that she would be free from “distractions” caused by her kids.

Kim and Ye haven’t sorted everything out, but they’ve settled enough that the judge was able to declare them officially divorced.

And apprently, Yeezy is so upset with the way things unfolded today that he’s decided to fire his fourth divorce lawyer!

According to TMZ, Ye has fired Chris Melcher and hired Samantha Spector, who recently represented Nicole Young in her divorce from Dr. Dre.

That split resulted in a jaw-dropping settlement for Young.

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Interestingly, in that situation, Spector was also facing off against Laura Wasser, who is currently serving as Kim’s attorney.

So it’s a rematch with the clients’ genders reversed.

It’s not clear why Kanye parted ways with Melcher, but sources tell TMZ that their relationship became “extremely difficult” in recent weeks.

That may or may not have had to with West’s decision to harass Pete Davidson and stalk Kimon social media.

Judges generally don’t love that kind of behavior.

Anyway, it seems that Kanye wanted the divorce as well, but he still wasn’t thrilled with the way today’s hearing played out.

West didn’t attend the hearing, but his legal team offered up three conditions, only one of which was approved by the judge.

Kanye requested that any right to be reimnursed for money that’s supposed to be divided up will be preserved in case either of he or Kim dies.

That was granted.

He also asked that Kim be forced to waive her right to marital privilege (meaning if she remarries the court can’t force her new partner to testify) and that she not be permitted to Kim would not transfer any assets that are currently being held in a trust.

The judge denied both requests.

The hearing reportedly concluded with Kim answering “prove up” questions that are customarily asked of the person who filed for the divorce.

The judge asked, “Are there problems in your relationship?” and “Do you think your marriage can be saved with counseling?”

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She answered yes to the former question and no to the latter.

And with that, Kimye officially came to an end!

We have some fond memories, but it sounds like everyone is happy to say adios to this marriage!


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