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Kanye West: Pete Davidson Has AIDS, Y’all!


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We’ve learned not to expect much from Kanye West.

During his years as one of the most famous names in hip hop, the rapper has shown us time and again that his success has done nothing to diminish his pettiness, his insecurity, or his childish faith that any problem can be solved by throwing a big enough tantrum.

So when we say Kanye might have reached a new low this week, it’s not an observation that we make lightly.

Of course, it’s not surprising that Yeezy is demonstrating the worst behavior of his career at the moment.

After all, the Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson relationship seems to have driven this dude insane.

First, Kanye started dating Julia Fox and tried to send a message to the world that he had moved on from his marriage.

When no one bought it, West threatened to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass” in a song.


As though that weren’t sufficient evidence of Kanye’s continued obsession, TMZ reports that Ye has been spreading an incredibly nasty rumor about his romantic rival:

Apparently Kanye has repeatedly claimed that Pete has AIDS.

The outlet’s source on this is none other than producer and radio personality DJ Akademkiks who says “Kanye’s been telling everybody within earshot” about Pete’s alleged illness.

Needless to say, there’s no reason to believe that Pete has AIDS, and it appears that Kanye is just making things up in the hope of sabotagong Kim’s new relationship.

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Pete does suffer from Crohn’s disease, a chronic digestve tract illness that can be fatal in rare cases.

Kanye is likely aware of this and is hoping to take advantage of any public confusion about the SNL star’s health to spread misinformation.

One big difference between Crohn’s and AIDS is that Crohn’s is not sexually transmitted — in fact, it’s not contagious at all.

Again, Kanye is psychotic, not stupid, so he’s probably aware of this.

He’s relying on an old abuser’s trick by suggesting that his ex has been somehow contaminated in the time since they broke up.

Remember when Kanye said he needed to take “30 showers” after dating Amber Rose or Kim wouldn’t sleep with him?

He’s doing the same thing here, just in the opposite direction.

Now it’s Kim who Kanye is attempting to portray as unclean, and he wants the world to think that she’s been irreparably damaged by her association with Pete.

It’s disgusting, and it’s one of the worst stories that Kanye has ever been involved with, which is really saying something.

After all, this is a guy who is now better known for being a bully and an a-hole than he is for his music, which hasn’t garnered any mainstream attention or critical acclaim in a decade.

When Kim first filed for divorce from Kanye¬†almost a year ago, insiders claimed that the couple was parting ways on civil terms and making their kids’ happiness their top priority.

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Fans were pleasantly surprised, and many felt that Kanye might have finally turned over a new leaf.

Once Kim entered a new relationship, however, Kanye became obsessed with winning her back.

Now, he’s shown that he’ll do whatever it takes to possess her again.

He doesn’t care about her happiness or his children’s.

Once again, Kanye is showing the world that he’s only ever cared about one thing — himself.

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