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Kanye West Says “Plants” Are Sabotaging Kim Kardashian: They Won’t Let Her Be a Lawyer!


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Even though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are divorcing, Ye himself isn’t quite acting like it.

Between reportedly being mad about Pete Davidson to still calling her his “wife,” it feels like he hasn’t gotten the memo.

This also extends to, sadly, Kanye’s continuing fixation upon unhinged conspiracy theories.

He believes that “plants” from “Hollywood” are actively sabotaging Kim’s chances of becoming an attorney.

Kanye West still calls Kim his “wife,” and explained why this makes sense to him.

“At the end of the day, I ain’t got the paperwork yet,” he said in a recent interview.

“So,” Kanye explained, “I’m gonna come on this joint and try to save my family and keep my family together.”

Immediately, Kanye launched into a bizarre claim about “plants” placed around Kim.

He thinks that these agents are also around other celebrities, aiming to manipulate and guide them.

Kanye’s “reasoning” is that, because artists and celebrities are egomaniacs, a normal person wouldn’t want to hang out with them.

Part of that may be the closest that Kanye West has come to self-awareness in a long time.

But the moment was short-lived, because he explained that he’s suspicious of anyone who spends time with any famous person.

He seems specifically concerned about people around his ex — sorry, his “wife.” One guy in particular.

There is an attorney who has beeh helping Kim as she endeavors to pass the bar exam and get her legal license.

Kanye shared that Kim has twice failed the bar exam — not uncommon for those pursuing a legal career.

Kim took the bar a third time, over the summer, and is apparently still awaiting results.

Kanye recalled a time when he was on the phone while Kim was “in a session” with this guy.

“The lawyer got on the phone and started making bad suggestions, and I was like, man this dude’s an idiot,” he remarked.

“They got an idiot training my wife,” Kanye continued, “she gonna fail the bar the third time.”

Now, hearing Kanye call someone an “idiot” could mean anything — seriously, anything.

But he’s not just suggesting that the guy is an incompetent lawyer who gives Kim bad advice.

Kanye openly speculated that maybe this is part of some malevolent scheme to sabotage Kim’s ambitions.

“I feel like there’s people who might not want Kim Kardashian to become a lawyer,” Kanye suggested.

“Because you know what happens if Kim Kardashian becomes a lawyer?” he asked.

“That shirt gets a little bit higher,” Kanye predicted, “that cleavage gets a little bit more covered up.”

Kanye followed his twisted theory to its “logical” conclusion.

“There’s 14-year-old girls, 17-year-old girls that’s posing a little bit, they want to become a lawyer,” Kanye imagined.

He added of his influencer ex: “She affects people in that way.”

“There’s people that don’t want her to affect these women in that way,” Kanye claimed.

He added: “They want her to affect them in that other way.”

He is suggesting an elaborate conspiracy to stop teenage girls from pursing law degrees, all centered upon Kim.

“They could put a lawyer that give you all the right things and just enough wrong things that you miss your test by this much,” Kanye claimed.

He did not explain who “they” are, which is always part of the magic of these wild conspiracy theories.

“‘You’ll get ‘em next time,'” Kanye characterized these sinister manipulators as saying. Oh dear.

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