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Kate Middleton to Prince William: Let’s Have Another Baby!


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Most of the recent news surrounding the British Royal Family has been decidedly not good.

Whether you’re talking about the Queen’s Covid diagnosis or the nauseating Prince Andrew sex scandal, there’s no denying that these are very dark times for the Windsor clan.

Elizabeth and company could certainly use a distraction these days.

And that might be one reason that Kate Middleton is being so open about her desire to bring a fourth child into the world.

Yes, the royals are usually very tight-lipped when it comes to matters such as family planning.

(Which is a little ironic, considering their lifestyle is supported by public funds.)

But this time, Kate is making no bones about it:

She wants another kid — even if Prince William isn’t quite on board with the idea.

The topic came up this week when Kate visited Forest Kindergarten in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She spent a lot of time with Danish little ones during the trip, and the Duchess revealed in a press conference that the experience left her with a yearning for another baby of her own.

“William always worries about me meeting under 1-year-olds. I come home saying, ‘Let’s have another one,’” Kate told the media at a press conference, according to Us Weekly.

The magazine notes that Kate described herself as feeling “very broody.”

That’s not a term you hear much on this side of the pond, but for Brits, “broody” doesn’t mean moping and listening to sad music — rather, it refers to someone who is experiencing intense maternal feelings.

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In general, it seems that the trip had quite an impact on Kate, who wrote about it extensively on her Instagram page.

Naturally, the British media has focused on the “Kate wants a fourth kid” angle, but does she?

The situation’s not as clear as it might initially seem.

Early education has always been a passion of Kate’s but despite her claims of feeling “broody,” she was probably just joking about her desire to expand her family.

In 2020, Kate remarked to a reporter that she doesn’t “want any more” kids.

The comment came shortly after she spent some time cooing over a 5-month-old tyke during an appearance.

“He’s gorgeous,” Kate said. “It makes me feel broody. You’re a very sweet little boy. I think William would be a little worried.”

“Don’t give my wife any more ideas!” William joked, instructing Kate:

“Don’t take him with you.”

Kate is one of three kids, and for years, she planned to follow in her parent’s footsteps by providing her eldest with two younger siblings.

“She’s [now] matched it,” says royal expert Nick Bullen.

“And I think my view is [that] they’ll probably stop here.”

But just because she won’t be popping out any more herself, that doesn’t mean Kate has lost her passion for spending time with children.

“Yesterday was all about understanding the very earliest stages of a child’s development here in Denmark,” she wrote on Instagram during her time in Denmark.

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“Today we move on to learn about the next stage of their life, focusing on children’s mental health and wellbeing.

“Stenurten Forest Kindergarten uses the power of nature and the outdoors to help build children’s self-awareness, strengthen relationships with others and understand their value in society,” Kate continued.

“Playful learning is seen as an essential element in how we grow and develop, as well as helping young children to understand and manage their emotions.”

Will and Kate’s kids might not get to spend much time with their cousins across the pond — hell, the Queen still hasn’t even met Lilibet! — but at least they’ve got each other.

And it sounds like their mum is very committed to ensuring that they enjoy a very fun and fulfilling home life!


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