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Katey Nakatsu Baby Bump Photo Finally Surfaces: How Far Along Is Jed Duggar’s Wife?


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With all of the scandal and legal drama that’s surrounded the family over the course of the past year, it’s easy to forget about the smaller “business as usual” stories surrounding the Duggar clan.

For obvious reasons, Josh Duggar’s arrest and subsequent conviction dominated the headlines in recent months, but there were also plenty of courtships, engagements, and, of course, pregnancies to report.

And now that Josh is in prison where he belongs, many of the less scandalous Duggars are once again sharing updates via social media.

Take Jedediah Duggar and Katey Nakatsu, for example.

When Jed and Katey got married back in April of 2021, Josh had not yet been arrested on child pornography charges.

Just weeks later, the 33-year-old was taken into custody, and life in the Duggar family changed forever.

Everything that happened for Jed and Katey since — and it’s been quite an eventful few months — has taken place under the dark cloud of that scandal.

Back in September of last year, we learned that Katey is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Shortly thereafter, Katey and Jed hosted a gender reveal party, but the climactic “pink of blue?” moment was overshadowed by the fact that fans suspected Josiah Duggar’s wife, Lauren Swanson, was concealing a baby bump.

(The couple is expecting a baby boy, in case you missed it. And of course, that’s a very big deal in the Duggar family.)

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After that, Jed and Katey joined the rest of the family in keeping a much lower profile than usual.

In fact, the couple has all but disappeared from social media, which isn’t surprising, considering the amountof flak they’ve taken for trying to “distract” from the Josh scandal.

That’s why fans were surprised to see a photo of a very pregnant Katey posing with friends that made its way to Instagram this week.

Eagle-eyed Reddit users were quick to point out this rare sighting.

“Mrs. Jed! Baby bump. She seems to be carrying strangely high, but then again maybe it’s the Jskirt,” one user wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Yes, Katey has fully adopted the Duggar fashion sesne, which means long denim skirts for just about every occasion.

We’re not sure that has any impact on bump elevation, nor do we have any idea of Katey’s due date.

The latter is something that might have been revealed during an Instagram Q&A, but the couple learned their lesson the last time they posted about their personal lives.

“Damage control anyone? You brother is in court for possession of CSAM and all you can do is talk about your engagement as if nothing is happening?” wrote one outraged commenter after Jed and Katey posted pics from his proposal.

“Read the room Jed! Supporting your sick in the head brother and a jury is having to listen to the sick things he was watching and you’re over here reminiscing about your proposal, good lord,” another critic echoed.

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So yeah, we’re guessing these two will continue to steer clear of the spotlight.

We probably won’t hear much more from Katey until after she gives birth, but we wish mother and son nothing but the best!


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