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Kelly Clarkson Settles with Brandon Blackstock: Fine, He Gets One Tiny Piece of the Ranch!


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Last October, it seemed that the never-ending struggle over Kelly Clarkson’s $10 million Montana ranch was over.

(More recent estimates show the property at nearly twice that value, just under $18 million)

But Clarkson’s ongoing struggle with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock didn’t end there.

Now, the bitter co-parents have reached an agreement that gives him a piece of the pie. Well, more like a sliver.

The COVID-19 pandemic ended lives, ended companies, left some disabled for life, and destroyed some marriages.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s marriage falls under the category of COVID casualties.

Marital tensions devolved into a vicious and protracted divorce … and with a solid prenup, it was a divorce that Brandon solidly lost.

Clarkson and Blackstock had purchased the Montana ranch during their marriage.

As such, Blackstock — who had been residing there since their separation — argued that it was a joint asset.

He expressed in court that it should be split, 50/50, as part of the divorce settlement.

Early last October, the court rejected Blackstock’s argument on the grounds that division of that property was covered by the prenup.

But there was an ongoing struggle on Clarkson’s part to attempt to get Blackstock to actually move off of the ranch.

The court had granted Clarkson ownership, but also rejected her bid to evict Blackstock, but also ordered him to pay Clarkson monthly — a no-win scenario for both sides.

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Entertainment Tonight obtained legal documents showing that the bitter exes reached a settlement.

Blackstock is receiving an ownership stake in the property as part of the agreement.

However, it is not even close to the 50% that he initially sought.

It appears that Blackstock will receive a 5.12% ownership in the sprawling Montana property.

The ranch is valued at $17.75 million — much more than the $10 million described just a year or so ago.

Blackstock is now entitled to about $908k of the property’s total value.

There is an adjoining property, but the court has affirmed that this property is and was always Clarkson’s.

What may have complicated this case, in addition to Blackstock continuing to reside on the ranch, was that the couple lived there together.

It was where they traveled in 2020 to weather parts of the pandemic … but their marriage also fell apart.

In September, Clarkson was declared legally single despite the ongoing struggle over the property.

Clarkson was granted primary custody over seven-year-old River and five-year-old Remington.

However, the two parents will share joint legal and physical custody.

Clarkson has been selling off property recently.

She sold a 20,000 square foot abode in Nashville and a 10,000 square foot farmhouse in California.

The ranch was the next on the chopping block even as far back as last summer.

Now that she has reached an agreement with Blackstock, perhaps she will be able to sell it off, too.

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One doesn’t have to particularly like Clarkson or think that she’s a good person to understand how frustrating all of this must have been on both sides.

When love fades and turns to resentment and hate, it’s hard to see anything clearly — and spite can begin to matter more than any dollar amount.


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