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Kendall Jenner & Khloe Kardashian: Did They Just Reveal the Gender of Kylie’s Baby?


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As you’re probably aware by now, Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child.

Usually, Kylie delights in sharing every aspect of her life with her legion of adoring fans.

But as with her first pregnancy, Kylie is lying low while she awaits the arrival of Stormi’s little brother or sister.

Her sisters, however, are still soaking up the spotlight as much as ever — and they might have just inadvertently revealed some information that Kylie was hoping to keep under wraps.

According to a new report from UK tabloid the Daily Mirror, Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were spotted shopping for baby shower gifts at a mall in Sherman Oaks this week.

Kendall and Khloe probably attract a lot of attention whenever they’re out running errands, but they were even more noticeable on this excursion, as they were shooting a scene for their new Hulu reality show and Facetiming with Kris Jenner while they shopped.

Still, the excursion wouldn’t have been newsworthy were it not for one important detail:

As they perused the selection of clothes and toys for newborns, Kendall and Khloe were clearly focused on pink items.

The Mirror repoers that “the pair eyed a number of items designed for baby girls.”

And at one point, Khloe seemed ready to purchase an “adorable doll in a box covered with pink and blue polka-dots.”

Now, obviously, boys can wear pink and play with dolls.

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But something tells us that Kendall and Khloe didn’t pick Kylie’s baby shower as their opportunity to make a bold statement about gender roles in society.

No, the more likely explanation is that Kylie is having another girl.

This probably isn’t the way she wanted to share that news with the world, but we doubt Kylie is terribly upset about the leak.

Hell, the way she’s been steering clear of social media, she might not even be aware of it!

We’re not sure why Kylie posts so much less frequently when she’s pregnant.

But this time around, Kylie has posted some recent photos, as opposed to when she just completely disappeared from Instagram during her first pregnancy.

And Kylie’s most recent hiatus might have nothing to do with her pregnancy.

She started posting less around the time of the tragedy at boyfriend Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival.

As you’ve likely heafd, ten people were trampled to death by an out of control crowd at the concert.

Scott had denied any wrongdoing, and obviously Kylie bears no responsibility.

But she was present for the tragedy, and she stepped away from social media for several weeks after it happened.

It’s only recently that Kylie returned to Instagram, and insiders say she and Travis both remain devastated by what happened.

So while there might have been a time when Kylie would’ve gotten upset with her sisters for inadvertently leaking private information about her personal life, we’re guessing those days are far behind her.

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Tragedy has a way of putting things into perspective, and Kylie is probably just happy to have a healthy baby on the way, regardless of its gender.


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