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Kenya Moore: I Don’t Know if Ramona Singer is Racist, But She Sure is a Jerk!


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Fans of The Real Housewives of New York City are reeling from the latest revelation about the previous season.

Ramona Singer’s alleged racist statement to Eboni K. Williams has been revealed, and it was so much worse than most had thought.

But Ramona also recently filmed another Housewives project, Ultimate Girls Trip.

There, she and Kenya Moore clashed intensely.

Ultimate Girls Trip is going to be quite something.

Teasers for this Real Housewives “All Stars” experience, which will stream on Peacock, have promised as much.

One of the enticing conflicts that went down was between Ramona and Kenya.

Ramona shouts “Oh, f–k you” in the teaser while aboard a boat.

Kenya’s fiery clapback begins: “What you’re not going to do is say, ‘F–k you,’ to me.”

Very reasonably, she asks the belligerent New Yorker: “Who the f–k do you think you are, Ramona?”

In light of everything else going on with Ramona lately, Kenya Moore spoke to Page Six.

“In the beginning, she just seemed to be very rude,” Kenya said of their time in Turks and Caicos.

“She cursed at me within 30 minutes of meeting her,” Kenya recalled.

That set them up for further conflicts, Kenya explained.

“I’m not going to get along with someone who is just so blatantly disrespectful,” she stated.

Kenya characterized herself as “not the girl to be disrespectful with.”

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“Maybe she doesn’t know my street cred,” Kenya speculated.

“But,” she added, “she found out.”

Kenya felt good about standing her ground before Ramona’s unconscionable rudeness.

However, this meant that follow-up experiences with Ramona were not fun.

“You know you’re not going anywhere,” Kenya reasoned.

She added: “It was like, I’m just doing it now for the sake of abusing myself.”

Trying to reason with Ramona was never going to work, because of who Ramona is.

“Because the more you kept trying to talk to her and talk sense into her,” Kenya detailed.

She characterized the fruitless adventure: “it was like hitting your head against a brick wall.”

Naturally, Kenya was asked about the recent revelations about Ramona.

According to a production insider, Ramona stated: “This is why we shouldn’t have Black people on the show.”

She was speaking in reference to Eboni K. Williams, who then reported her to Bravo. Ramona has denied the accusation.

“I’d hate to speculate on something like that,” Kenya said graciously.

“I don’t know her well enough,” she admitted, “and I didn’t personally firsthand witness anything.”

Kenya acknowledged: “That could be very damaging to someone, especially if it’s not true.”

“I just would like to have more evidence or know more about what is alleged,” Kenya continued.

“Or,” she stated, “just simply wait until it’s an actual fact or not.”

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After all, Eboni herself has not publicly spoken out about this to confirm that this is what she heard Ramona say.

Ultimately, despite no love lost between them, Kenya wasn’t prepared to call out Ramona as a racist.

“I didn’t get that sense,” she said.

Kenya concluded: “I got the sense that she was just a jerk.”

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