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Khloe Kardashian Called “Tone Deaf” for Posting Thirst Traps After Astroworld Tragedy


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Late last week, tragedy struck as audience members suffered multiple fatalities at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Concert.

The world is reeling with horror as people demand to know how it happened.

Most of the Kardashians have gone dark on social media. Even the children’s game, Fortnite, pulled their Travis Scott emote.

So why is Khloe still posting thirst traps like the father of her niece isn’t embroiled in a fatal scandal?

Dozens of people were injured during a deadly crowd surge that some wonder may have included Fentanyl poisoning.

A 9-year-old boy left in a medicall induced coma. Two survivors were left in critical condition.

And eight people lost their lives that night as they were part of a concert crowd that, lawsuits say, corraled attendees so that they could not escape.

Right now, there is an investigation underway, with toxicology reports that could take weeks.

(One police officer claimed to have possibly been injected with something and saved by Narcan, though some question this story)

With well over a dozen lawsuits filed and more underway, there is a lot of focus on the facts of the case.

There is also a lot of grief, trauma, and mourning.

Survivors are recovering from injuries. Even more will grapple with the psychological and emotional toll of this nightmare.

And of course, loved ones are mourning the dead who hoped to enjoy their Astroworld concert only for it to be their last night alive.

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Travis Scott is said to be communicating closely with authorities as everyone tries to work out what happened.

It appears that neither he nor Kylie had any idea of what was happening, though some of Kylie’s own videos showed paramedics in the background.

As we noted, Kylie has gone dark on social media, and sisters Kourtney, Kendall, and Kim are also wisely staying quiet — mostly.

Khloe Kardashian, however, seems to be in a business as usual mode.

Just days after the Astroworld tragedy, Khloe posted a cluster of thirst traps.

It is unclear whether they were already scheduled to post or not, but either way … how hard is it to bump a post back a week?

Khloe has also not publicly offered condolences to the dead.

To be clear, Khloe was not in any way involved in Astroworld as far as any of us know, not even tangentially.

But when the father of your niece’s big party has a body count, it’s okay to take a couple of days off from posting your normal content.

As a result, Khloe is being called “tone deaf” and “uncaring.”

No one expects her to personally nurse the wounded back to health, just to not pretend that it’s not happening.

“People are dead, Khloe,” one commenter scolded her.

We are of course reminded of a famous line by Kourtney as she offered her sister Kim a sense of perspective.

Often, this kind of perspective is difficult to have when you are a famous and fabulously rich person who has always and only known luxury.

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But if Khloe’s rich and famous sisters have the common sense to be tasteful, Khloe can do it, too.

It was probably just an oversight, but it’s fair for fans to call out Khloe for it.

Kim is offering emotional support to Travis Scott in the wake of the tragedy, which is tasteful … even if it could blow up in her face.

For now, we should all hope for the best for those recovering while we all wait on the results of what’s sure to be a lengthy investigation.


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