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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Jet Off on Steamy Bahamas Vacation!


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Some people simply cannot believe that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are a thing now.

But what could have been a fun weekend last autumn hasn’t died down.

This week, Kim and Pete jetted off to the Bahamas, being spotted boarding the jet together.

This steamy getaway could be a sign that things are heating up between them.

A decade ago, for better or for worse, Manic Pixie Dream Girls were all the rage. Times have changed.

Kourtney and Travis, MGK and Meghan, Pete and Kim: 2021 was the year for the Depressed Goblin Tattoo Boy.

2022 is showing no sign of changing, given how Kim and Pete are spending this week.

The Daily Mail spotted Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson boarding a private jet on Monday, January 3.

The pair were dressed casually, with Kim in all black and Pete in all white.

Kim had spent Christmas with her children, and Pete had worked New Year’s Eve. Now, it’s their time.

Kim Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live in October.

She and Pete apparently hit things off there, because the two have been linked during the months since.

This is her first public relationship since she filed to divorce Kanye West in February.

Numerous reports and some very public, embarrassing statements have made it clear that Kanye wants her back.

He has made multiple overtures to his ex, some in front of at least some of their children.

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Of course, Kanye had years to correct his behavior, but ultimately he chose not to. His loss.

Some might be alarmed if their apparent girlfriend’s estranged husband is going to absurd lengths to try to “win her back.”

However, reports say that Pete is unconcerned, and that his laid back attitude is helping him to take the drama in stride.

After what Kanye has put Kim through for years, some chill time with a guy who makes her laugh sounds like what Kim needs.

Things are reportedly going well for the two of them.

(And it certainly looks that way, as a vacation to the Bahamas is usually a good sign)

However, all sources have continued to indicate that they are taking things casually.

Kim and Pete have not actually directly addressed anything, and seem content to keep things that way.

Whether it is because things are so chill or because Kanye would be so unchill if they spoke about it … that’s anyone’s guess.

But even their loved ones are avoiding speaking about it.

On New Year’s Eve, Anderson Cooper spoke to Kris Jenner.

He couldn’t resist asking her about Kim and Pete, but Kris was evasive to the max.

She welcomed her granddaughter, Stormi, as a “distraction” during the remote interview, as the preschool-aged child wandered into the room.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to waste days of cold, winter weather for Bahamas weather.

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It’s nearly 80 degrees there right now. In January!

But Kim is from Calabasas. Winter weather may not be her thing. And a romantic vacay with Kim is probably very much Pete’s thing.


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