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Kim Kardashian Ditches Yeezy Shoes: Kanye Doesn’t Dress (or Undress) Me Anymore!


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For years, Kim Kardashian had to endure humiliation after humiliation thanks to Kanye West.

As if the public outbursts and hurtful accusations weren’t enough, she also paraded around in his Yeezy line of clothing.

Now, Kim is sending an unmissable message that she is no longer beholden to her ex or to his brand.

She’s free. And she’s (metaphorically) rubbing it in Kanye’s face.

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian shared a series of photos to Instagram.

In the pics, she was flaunting her incredible body in some stunning pink workout gear.

Kim wore a matching Bo + Tee set, which was surprisingly affordable for many fans and followers at under $100.

What drew the attention — and delight — of many commenters, however, was her footwear.

Kim wore a pair of Nike Air Max shoes, displaying them prominently.

Normally, these are just regular shoes that wouldn’t be exciting … except that Kim is wearing them, and not other shoes.

For years, Kim’s long-suffering feet have been imprisoned in Kanye’s Yeezy brand shoes.

Even Kim’s siblings were often roped into sporting Ye’s clothes, no matter how off-putting and unflattering they looked.

Kim even continued to wear his brand of shoes after filing to divorce him nearly one year ago.

Followers were quick to respond to the flagrant display of having moved on.

“Wait a minute … so Kim is not wearing Yeezy’s anymore? Damn, this marriage might really be over,” one commenter joked.

“It feels quite alien and bizarre to see her not wearing Yeezy,” another remarked. “I guess she’s taking an out of sight, out of mind mantra!.”

“Oh, she’s beefing … not the Nike Air Max. Kim, you’re gonna send him in a rage online,” an comment reads.

“She’s wearing Nike now? That’s a sign!” another observed.

An additional commenter simply remarked: “It’s the Nikes for me.”

It may sound like a non-issue that’s being blown out of proportion by fans who are thrilled by Kim leaving Kanye in the dust.

We’re sure that he had many qualities that Kim must have found appealing.

But the public perspective, from Kim’s fans especially, was that his poor behavior and unwise choices were holding her back.

There’s more to this than just fans wanting to imagine some shade where there is none.

Wearing Kanye’s brand has a history of being about more than just whether you happen to like wearing garb that often looks like ’70s carpeting.

Having — or not having — Yeezy shoes, specifically, has often been used to signal whether someone likes Ye or has beef with him.

In 2016, Kim targeted Taylor Swift when she was at her most vulnerable, uploading shadily edited clips from a private phone conversation.

Kim did all of this to defend Kanye, whose lack of a filter had once again caused him to write lyrics that he otherwise might not have.

That same year, Taylor’s brother Austin recorded himself throwing his pair of Yeezy shoes in the garbage, a symbolic act that could not be missed.

Speaking of Kim, we absolutely cannot talk about her recent fashion displays without discussing her eye-popping body in a cobalt bikini.

While some of us are enjoying these fleeting weeks of winter weather while they last, Kim has been dodging cool breezes and soaking up the sun closer to the equator.

Whether Kim’s thirst traps are snapped by Pete Davidson or just by an assistant, they are mind-boggling in the best of ways.

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