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Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson Relationship: “Getting Very Serious,” Insider Claims


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Kanye West might be experiencing a more bittersweet 2022 than anyone on the planet.

Earlier this week, we reported that Kanye is dating Julia Fox, which is the dream of just about everyone who’s seen her performance in Uncut Gems.

Aside from the fact that he’s banging the indie queen of 2019, however, Kanye’s life has been all 808s and heartbreak lately.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Kim Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson.

Pete, Kim

This shouldn’t be a problem for Yeezy, as he and Kim had been separated for several months before she met Pete while hosting Saturday Night Live back in October of last year.

But as soon as his ex started showing an interest in someone new, Kanye launched a campaign to try and win Kim back.

Fortunately, his efforts were unsuccessful.

In fact, if a new report from E! News is to be believed, the romance between Kim and Pete has been upgraded from “rebound fling” to “actual relationship.”

“Kim and Pete are getting very serious,” a source tells outlet.

“He has been hanging out at her house more. She’s smitten and the relationship is very exciting to her.”

The couple has been forced to cope with the issues raised by living on opposite coasts, but like so many difficulties in life, that issue presents very little challenge to those who are fabulously wealthy.

“They are making the distance work,” says a source close to the situation.

“And he’s planning to be in L.A. more often now.”

Currently, Pete is tethered to New York due to his SNL gig, but Kim has been visiting the city so often that fans were briefly convinced that she’d bought a home in Staten Island.

(Folks, no matter how serious this thing gets, Kim Kardashian will never put down roots in Staten Island.)

Kim, of course, is a mother of four with several businesses and ambitions of becoming a lawyer, so we doubt she’ll be relocating to the East Coast anytime soon.

Fortunately, SNL is currently on hiatus for the holidays, which has given “Kete” the time to do a little traveling together.

Kim and Pete jetted off to the Bahamas last week, and insiders have indicated that he plans to spend as much time as possible in California before he’s forced to return to NYC for the January 15 episode of SNL.

This relationship has a carbon footprint bigger than Bitcoin!

But hey, unlike crypto, at least Kim and Pete might be around for the long haul.

“They are really happy and seeing where it goes,” one insider tells E! News.

“She’s trying to not make a big deal about it but is super into him.”

Well, we’re excited for these two, but we’re guessing Kanye doesn’t join us in that enthusiasm.

And that might turn out to be a problem for Pete.

Just last month, Kanye bought a house across Kim’s Hidden Hills, California.

He says it’s so that he can be closer to his kids, but we have our doubts.

Pete might want to meet Kim at hotels for the time being.

There’s a very mentally unstable dude across the street who’s way too interested in this relationship!

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