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Kim Kardashian Refuses Food Even When Hungry: Did She Promote Disordered Eating?


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One need only look at Kim Kardashian’s thirst traps and her racy selfies to admire her incredible figure.

Her jaw-dropping hourglass figure is famous.

But when Kim recently wrote about not eating even when she’s hungry, she set off alarm bells.

Is Kim … healthy? And even if she is, is she promoting disordered eating to her millions of fans?

Kim Kardashian’s recent Instagram Story shared a short message in plain text.

“I can’t sleep and I’m hungry,” she complained at the time.

“But,” Kim acknowledged, “I know that my resting heart rate will be so high if I eat before bed.”

Kim Kardashian IG resists eating while hungry before bed

“That and with my cold made me have the lowest readiness score on my @oarring,” she shared.

There is context to the app that Kim referenced, but not everyone saw or understood the context.

Many people were understandably alarmed when they saw someone as influential as Kim post about not eating.

“I get so mad when they post s–t like this,” a redditor noted while sharing the Story.

“REMINDER: if your body tells you to eat, eat, if you body tells you to rest, rest,” they wrote. “This is how eating disorders start.”

Others agreed: “I don’t get it, eating will increase your resting heart rate? & really?? It’s not like you’re an athlete Kim, that shouldn’t even matter.”

Numerous others wrote that they feel tired after eating fairly consistently.

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It was also suggested that Kim’s post may have been an advertisement for the sleep scoring app — and a poor ad, at that.

But the primary concern was the impact that Kim’s words could have upon those who look to her for guidance.

There are many forms of disordered eating habits and different motives.

Often, it feels like it’s about control — controlling one’s body when everything else is out of your hands.

Disordered eating can also be a form of deliberate self-harm. Either way, a first step is often learning to ignore your body’s needs.

To numerous commenters, it sounded like this was what Kim was suggesting.

She wrote about ignoring the feeling of hunger before bed, when most nutritional advice says to address hunger when it arises.

But … is Kim actually doing the wrong thing, here?

Well, no.

As other commenters of course pointed out, eating before bed is often considered unhealthy.

It’s not ideal for digestion, it will elevate your heart rate and your body temperature, and for many people, it leads to poor quality sleep.

It is extremely common to avoid eating for hours before bed, for a myriad of health and comfort reasons.

(I’m not Kim Kardashian by any stretch of the imagination, but I do this, too)

While some may follow in Kim’s footsteps even though she wasn’t giving advice, would that even be a bad thing?

Reddit comment explains Kim Kardashian not eating before bed

Also, as one clearly very frustrated redditor pointed out, Kim’s IG Story was part of a sequence.

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She had previously asked what would make her sleep lower in quality according to an app, and was responding to what she had learned.

It really feels like some people dislike Kim enough by default that anything that she says or does becomes a target. Weird, right?


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