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Kim Kardashian: Sex With Pete Davidson Is the Best Ever!


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When Kim Kardashian was with Kanye West, she didn’t talk much about her sex life.

There may have been several reasons for this, but it seems the primary one was that for all of his provocative lyrics and outrageous antics, Kanye, in some ways, is a very conservative guy.

West is deeply religious, and he infamously burdened Kim with a dress code during their marriage, often picking her outfits and forbidding her from wearing the form-fitting ensembles that helped to make her a household name.

Thankfully, Kim doesn’t have any of these problems with Pete Davidson.

Kete Pics

Kim has been dating Pete for four months now, and while she might not be as open about their sex life as Ariana Grande was — she’s the reason, after all, that we associate Pete with the the term “BDE” — the 41-year-old is clearly not as hemmed in as she was with Kanye.

Don’t get us wrong — Kim and Pete are very private about their relationship.

In fact, Pete just referred to Kim as his girlfriend for the first time earlier this week.

But Kim appears to be much more open about certain things these days.

Hell, far from censoring her wardrobe, Pete has been snapping Kim’s bikini pics!

So Kim is re-opening herself to new experiences after a six-year love lockdown with Kanye.

And she confirmed her newfound freedom this week by unboxing a package that she received from sister Kourtney.

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“I love getting Poosh baskets from Kourt. This looks like a cute little Valentine’s situation,” Kim told her followers in an Instagram Story.

“OK, I don’t know what half of this stuff is,” she joked.

Kim's stims

Well, Kim might have been a little confused, but we get the feeling Pete will help her take some of these products for a test drive.

As the camera panned over items labelled “clitoral stimulator,” CBD-laced “sex serum” with CBD and “horny goat weed,” Kim could barely contain her amusement at her sister’s line of products.

“Mmmm… Happy Valentine’s Day!” she suggestively remarked.

Hey, it’s not much, but this is the closest we get to honest insight into Kim and Pete’s relationship.

There’s a reason that fans lost their minds when Pete dropped a casual reference to his girlfriend in a recent interview.

“Most of my daily life is getting into cars and showing up to a set,” Davidson told People magazine.

“Or if I’m off, I just either hang with my friends or chill with my girlfriend inside.”

Pete didn’t even refer to Kim by name, but that’s probably for the best.

After all, Kanye is absolutely livid about the fact that his estranged wife has moved on to a new relationship a full year after filing for divorce.

In case you somehow missed it, Kanye has been claiming that Pete has AIDS, and he recently accused Kim of exploiting their children on TikTok.

(As if Kim needs to do anything to boost her social media engagement.)

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Of course, yesterday, Kanye completely changed tacks and publicly prayed for God to bring his family back together.

In other words, the guy is more batsh-t than ever these days.

So yeah, it’s probably good for Kim and Pete to keep things on the DL for a little while longer.

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