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Kim Kardashian: Taunting Kanye With Ultra-Racy Bikini Selfies?!


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It’s a little immature to think of breakups in terms of “winners” and “losers.”

That said, Kim Kardashian 100 percent emerged victorious from her marriage to Kanye West.

When these two first parted ways, it looked like they were gonna pull off that rarest of celebrity feats — an amicable divorce.

But the goodwill all went to hell when Kim started dating Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson

The relationship shouldn’t have caused any problems, as it began well after Kim filed for divorce.

But apparently Yeezy is the type who always wants what he can’t have.

As soon as word got out that Kim and Pete had started a relationship, Kanye launched an effort to win Kim back.

Thankfully, she hasn’t taken the bait, and it looks like she never will.

But Kanye has sort of succeeded in spoiling the early days of Kim and Pete’s relationship.

Just about every headline involving the couple also includes Kanye in some way.

Everything that Kim does these days is viewed through a lens of how Kanye will react or how it might affect him.

Even Kim Kardashian bikini photos — one of the best parts of the internet for well over a decade now — are being tainted by Kanye talk.

Case in point, the mother of four posted some wonderfully racy thirst traps to her Instagram Story earlier this week.

But because we can’t talk about Kim without talking about Kanye, fans are obsessing over what Ye might think about his ex’s scantily clad selfies.

To be fair, there are some specific reasons why some people are looking at Kim’s latest pics and thiking about Kanye.

For starters, news of Kim’s divorce filing was first reported on February 19 of last year.

The attire she’s rocking in her latest pics is from the SKIMS Valentine’s Day collection, and some folks have pointed out that this is the first Valentine’s Day since Kim became a free woman, and she seems to be making the most if it.

On top of that, Kanye infamously created a dress code for Kim during their time together, and some commenters have suggested that she wasn’t allowed to wear outfits like this during her marriage, but we’re not totally sure that that’s true.

Kanye was a douche, yes — but Kim has always enjoyed posting some racy selfies.

And finally, while Kim still hasn’t spoken directly about her relationship with Pete, there are those who believe that she broached the subject indirectly for the first time this week.

“It’s the little things that I don’t have. I have all the big things. I have everything you could possibly imagine and nobody will ever do it like that – I know that,” Kim is quoted as saying by UK tabloid the Daily Mirror.

“I’m grateful for those experiences, but I think I’m ready for those smaller experiences that I think will mean a lot.”

For obvious reasons, a lot of people think that Kim is referring to her quieter life with Pete in those comments.

Although if there’s any truth to the claims about Davidson’s “BDE,” then there’s nothing small about Kim’s recent experiences!

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