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Why an MBA after List of top 3 colleges to consider


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“Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labour. It’s about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving a good society.” – Robert J. Shiller

Any business thrives on money, and money is what is required to keep the wheels of that car running. In the practical sense, it all comes to the exchange of goods and services which are tagged with a number. Finance is at the centre of corporations and a good finance team is extremely important for the overall success of a business. An MBA in Finance brings about the necessary talent to hold the stake.

Why an MBA in Finance?

An MBA in Finance conveys ideas and concepts which are aligned to administration, control and optimization of capital and resources of money which are a link in the commercial chain. The degree program from a good college like JECRC and IIMs widens the perspective on money as an investment and renders skills for analysis of a company’s resources and forecasting financial and economic trends.

Finance would be great for someone who likes the management of assets and money in general or in theory and is passionate about management and mathematics. Apart from the obvious salary increase which comes with an MBA, this specialization helps you to furnish your skills beyond theory and bring them to practice to see the results rolling.

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Job opportunities after an MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance brings out a delicate balance of both analytical skills and a bag full of passion for money to bring out an industry professional who is ready with all-important practical skills to create a wonderful career in corporate finance. Apart from salary hike, some career options which show up after completing the degree, especially from top colleges like IIMs and JECRC are:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Relationship Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Equity Research Analyst

The most important aspect of the course is its emphasis on mathematics and statistics. It is probably the only MBA specialization that uses mathematics so prominently. An aspirant must be ready for this rendition that finance brings to the table.

What does an MBA in Finance have in store for you?

With the growing technology and unifying world, the global and local markets are getting closer than ever. An urgent need for updated ideas that are suited to both contexts has become rather essential. An MBA in Finance equips you with major financial skills, decision-making, investment, international finance and working capital administration. A good college like the IIMs or JECRC will always push you towards a better understanding of financial concepts.

Colleges to consider

A good college is essential to the beginning of a rising career in finance and it is pivotal to choose wisely according to the prerequisites. An analysis of the options available is important to assess all the options that are available. There are a plethora of options available in the market. Don’t be overwhelmed, we have narrowed it down and listed out the top 3 colleges for MBA in finance.

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1. NARSEE MONJEE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, MUMBAI- Located in Mumbai, NMIMS ranks as one of the most all-rounded and prestigious colleges in India. The college is known for its highly detailed and functional course composition, including all aspects like corporate investment, insurance and risk management. The institute administers its own screening test- the NMAT and picks out the most competent talent in the country.

2. SP JAIN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, MUMBAI- Another top institute, they provide one of the best classroom participation experiences for students. Experiential learning is emphasized through the practical implementation of concepts, which creates a space where new ideas are born. Their course structure is one of the best as it is constantly updated to match the market demands. MBA in finance is their best bet with companies like Goldman Sachs, BCG and RBS visiting for campus placements.

3. JECRC College- This college provides one of the most qualified faculty and beautiful modern infrastructure, which is why an MBA in Finance from this institution is a great bet. The world-class staff bestows knowledge that stretches beyond the conventional classroom, creating an interactive environment in JECRC for the students. It is a great place to study if you’re looking for some exposure.

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