Home Entertainment Kimberly Menzies Flaunts Beautiful Ring While Filming New Season in Nigeria

Kimberly Menzies Flaunts Beautiful Ring While Filming New Season in Nigeria

Kimberly Menzies Flaunts Beautiful Ring While Filming New Season in Nigeria


Even when Kimberly Menzies finally got Usman Umar into bed, she didn’t get the yammy-yammy that she hoped for.

Kimberly embarrassed herself by all but begging for the D, and she knows it.

In recent photos, the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star was spotted wearing a conspicuous ring.

At the same time, reports are coming in that she has been back to Africa, possibly to film another season with Usman. Are they engaged?

Sometimes, newly engaged public figures will hide their hands in every photo, knowing that people will otherwise spot the ring.

Kimberly is new to all of this, so when followers looked at her recent spread of photos, the ring was right there in plain view.

She could be teetering on the edge of violating her NDA with the show if she’s revealing her engagement to fans.

Kimberly Menzies IG - I am beautiful in my own skin

“I am beautiful in my own skin,” Kimberly captioned her photo.

If the ring was intended as a covert way of letting the world know that she’s engaged to Usman, her caption at least looks aboveboard.

So many people asked Kimberly if the ring was from Usman that she actually had to take to the comments to clarify.

Kimberly Menzies IG - the rings were my mother's

“The rings [that] I am wearing were my mother’s,” Kimberly clarifies in a follow-up comment, referring to her late mother, Sally.

She wrote it in all caps, indicating that she was flustered and surprised that people thought that she was flaunting an engagement ring.

Either she’s not engaged to Usman … or she is keeping it a secret (up to a point, anyway).

Kimberly Menzies IG - I apologized privately and on my IG Story

It looks like some commenters got on Kimberly’s case about her on-screen behavior.

While she wasn’t necessarily being toxic, she came on a little too strong and was absolutely too pushy with Usman when it came to wanting sex.

This led to conflict between the two, as Usman just wanted to have more “platonic” sleepovers in the same bed.

Kimberly Menzies IG on-screen behavior, body-shaming

Kimberly has apologized for making a fool of herself.

She says that she has also apologized to Usman, privately, for doing so.

While there are lines that she didn’t cross (like groping him, or resorting to verbal abuse), Kimberly did not show herself in a good light.

Usman Umar - because I don't give you yammy yammy

From Usman’s perspective, the issue was less about her wanting sex than about the timing.

He explained that he was already engaged to “Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme when she arrived, which is why they boned right away.

In contrast, Kimberly is still in limbo. He wants to hold her hand and spend time with her (and get presents from her), but no laying pipe … yet.

Usman Umar - yammy yammy yammy yammy yammy

90 Day Fiance blogger @90shotzfired reports that Kimberly has been spotted in Sokoto, Nigeria — with Usman.

Allegedly, there is a scene involving a ring, that was filmed by the production crew there.

That could mean anything, but it could certainly mean a proposal. It looks extremely likely that we’ll see these two again.

Kimberly Menzies surprises Usman Umar with a PS5, Macbook Pro

That is unlikely to put an end to the speculation about Usman and Kimberly.

Some think that he’s a scammer and she’s a fool for being with him, while others are actually rooting for their unlikely romance.

Only time will tell whether they are built to last, or whether Usman will just keep stringing her along without any yammy-yammy.


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