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Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 for Those Who Aim High


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Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi have launched one of the leading online courses called Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB). The course is for the one who really wants to do something as it helps how to run a mastermind. I still remember in 2019, when Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi hosted a show to let people know about KBB, over 2 lakh attendees joined the life. Moreover, the launching was invested in by over 25 thousand people, just imagine the original launch hit. Many students have shared their wonderful experiences as they get to learn how to earn even when you are not an expert. It’s an entirely online course having exercises, video tutorials, downloadable worksheets, resources, and a Private Facebook Group.

Let’s know in-depth about KBB 2.0! 

Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 Breakdown

Have a deeper look at the 2.0 version

  1. Mastering Your Mindset

This module is full of impacting lessons. The module walks through some significant exercises based on ideas such as: 

  • How to ensure constant progress
  • How to prevent failure
  • Individuals role model and the power of proximity
  • How to make up a mind that is ready for productive action
  • What is required to achieve success
  1. Extraction and Discovery

This module pays heed to find an individual zone of genius. One gets a chance to discover their distinctive abilities & vital knowledge which can have a good impact on society. Here, Dean has shared a few pieces of training, exercises, and effective techniques. For instance, exercises may include, discover your superpower, the art of storytelling, a toolbox that gives clarity on how your knowledge can result in expertise and make an impact. 

Special Attention!

If you have never been a part of KBB, then relish an extra opportunity by getting an incredible online design course by Megan Harrison. Go to the site, and buy the KBB course with her link. You will get a knowledgeable design course (phase-1) without any cost. 

  1. Marketing Mastery

Here, one covers practical lessons & strategies which help the person to convey his knowledge to the world. The section will shed some light on: 

  • Hook – Story – Close Framework
  • Structure of a landing page
  • What to charge for your event, etc. 
  1. Generating the Right Clients

This module is highly interesting as it’s all about leveraging social media. Here, one will understand the power of podcasts to reach a large audience. The module is packed full of vital knowledge from Dean’s social media and advertising team. Plus, some guest trainers will be involved. Every business owner makes the best of this module. 

  1. Running Your Events with Confidence

This is Module 5 that speaks about the lessons & methodologies which are crucial for every business person to run a successful event or mastermind. No matter if it’s a virtual, in-person, or a mix of the two, this part is fruitful to experience. 

  • What’s the perfect mastermind formula
  • Checklist of virtual event 
  • How to establish the perfect in-person event, and much more
  1. Knowledge Consultant & Reporter

This is the final session of the online course that concentrates on every individual and how either role plays out in real scenarios. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, a knowledge consultant, or anyone who wants to share his/her expertise with clients, this module is perfect learning. 

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