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Kody Brown Can’t Stop Whining: No One Respects Me!


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Kody Brown once acknowledged that he comes across as a selfish A-Hole on television.

But here’s the thing, apparently:

The father of 18 has no interest in actually doing anything about this.

This much appears to be evident, based on a clip from this Sunday’s brand new Sister Wives episode.

In the sneak peek, courtesy of People Magazine, the 52-year old stands apart from Janelle Brown for a socially-distanced visit that took place way back in 2020.

(Yes, these Season 16 installments were filmed that long ago.)

The topic at hand?

How Kody can safely begin re-entering her home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a subject that royally pisses off the family patrarch because he thinks his needs are being ignored.

As has been well documented over the past few weeks on air, Kody has been very demanding of his spouses and very straightforward in his need for them to take all health and safety protocols seriously.

Not all sister wives have been thrilled with these demands, however.

“It makes me realize that in a plural marriage, I don’t matter because Christine is fine with ‘You do what you do. You do you, I’m going to do me,’ ” Kody tells Janelle on Sunday’s episode.

“It’s really indicative of our crappy relationship, I guess. But you and I don’t have a crappy relationship and yet, I’m still being marginalized.”

Poor Kody Brown, huh?

He seemingly can’t totally and completely control the women he views as property and this makes him feel like less of a man.

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We mean… how dare Christine have an opinion of her own?!?

Kody goes on to tell Janelle that he’s “not going to negotiate” with the pair’s kids on whether or not they abide by the family’s COVID-19 guidelines.

“You’re either in and you’re complying with our standard,” he says in this footage.

“Or I’m not coming around.”

Come on now, Kody. Don’t threaten your family members with a good time!

To her spiritual husband’s point, Janelle says she can’t be away from Kody for “too much longer.”

She’s also “heartbroken” that her sons aren’t following the family’s COVID-19 guidelines, yet she doesn’t know what to do about their behavior.

Kody isn’t very understanding, though.

He storms away from Janelle is annoyance and frustration.

“I’m not making any progress.

“She misses me so she wants me to compromise so that I can come home rather than her making everybody in the household obey the protocols,” he tells the camera in a confessional.

“I’m just done.

“We’re not getting anywhere here.”

Coming across more insensitive and ridiculous than ever before, Kody adds:

“Plural marriage is a struggle. It’s a hard thing.

“I am not the head of this family. You know, I’m the head of the household [in] some places, I’m just not right here.

“And that’s not the deal we made when we got married.”

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Perhaps because that’s a really awful deal and these women are at last starting to realize it?

They’re starting to realize how hard a plural marriage is for them because their needs are never met?

Hence why Christine finally announced in early November that she was walking away from her relationship.

And why Christine has since said she is SO happy with her decision.

Kody, of course, is still in a polygamous marriage with Janelle, Meri and Robyn Brown.

There’s been chatter that he’s in the market for a fourth spouse in the wake of Christine moving back to Utah.

Over the course of this season, Kody has put protocols in place to make sure everyone is socially distancing.

However, each woman has been abiding by their own set of rules in their respective households — much to Kody’s chagrin.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

Visit the official website of People Magazine to view this clip in its entirety.


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