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Kody Brown: I’m Not Talking to My Kids Right Now, We Need Therapy


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At this point, any loyal Sister Wives viewer is well aware that Kody Brown barely has any relationship with a plurality of his spouses.

Christine left the guy in November. Meri hasn’t slept with him in 10 years. Janelle?

Kody can’t even bring himself to say he loves this allegedly valuable partner, based on a clip we just watched from this Sunday’s tell-all special.

But let’s take a break from focusing on Kody and his Sister Wives for a moment, shall we?

Let’s hone in instead on Kody’s relationship with a couple of his children — or lackthereof.

In a clip from part two of the Season 16 one-on-one special, set to air on February 6, Kody is asked by the program’s host where things stand between himself and his sons with Janelle Brown, Gabriel and Garrison.

The answer?

Nowhere. There’s no connection there at all right now.

“[We’re] not good. Not talking,” the 52-year-old reality TV star says in a sneak peek provided to the Internet by Us Weekly.

“It’s like one of those relationships where we’ve gotta do a lot of work.”

At various point this past season, Kody clashed with these kids over his strict COVID-19 protocols and how it affected their daily lives.

Tension reached its apex when Kody told Gabe that he basically had to decide whether he wanted to see his girlfriend amid this ongoing pandemic… or his dad.

“The real issue here is, you had to choose between me coming over or seeing your girlfriend,” Kody told Gabe on the January 16 episode, which prompted the young man to tear up.

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“Why? Why was I made to make that decision?” Gabe said, later noting:

“My family is so focused on being right that this is ruining my family.”

During the second part of the One on One tell-all special, Kody admits to host Sukanya Krishnan that his bond with 23-year-old Garrison and 21-year-old Gabe is totally and completely fractured.

“I make rules, you guys abide by them. I understand that these two needed their social lives. I totally get it. But in this case, COVID is different,” Kody says in the footage, reflecting on what went wrong.

“It’s changed everything for everybody, and they want it all to be the same.”

Kody shares these two kids with Janelle, along with sons Logan, 27, and Hunter, 24; and daughters Maddie, 26, and Savannah, 17.

To hear Kody tell his side of it, the two youngest boys simply didn’t comprehend (back when Season 16 was filmed in late 2020) that in order for him to visit their family… they couldn’t keep going out with friends.

“They need to realize that they should go and date that girlfriend, that’s fine, but you need to move out of the house so I can be home,” Kody explains.

The scenes viewers witnessed between Kody and these kids were filmed well over a year ago.

But things haven’t improved since then. At all.

“We need therapy. I need a sit-down with my boys and get something straight,” Kody says to Krishnan in the Us Weekly sneak peek.

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“I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so angry about what happened that we’re not communicating.

“And I think they are too.”


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