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Kody Brown to His Sister Wives: I Want My Own House Now!


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Kody Brown is unhappy with his spouses.

This shouldn’t exactly come as a major shock to pretty much anyone, not after Christine Brown announced a few days ago that she was done with her marriage to this cruel man.

But now we can report on a brand new development.

Season 16 of Sister Wives kicks off on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

We’ve learned that the premiere will be titled “There’s No Me In Polygamy” and the official synopsis reads as follows:

After rejecting Christine’s idea of moving back to Utah, Kody checks in with Janelle and Robyn.

Then, Kody says he now wants his own lot on the property, and the family discusses the possibility of spending the holidays apart.

This represents quite a change for Kody.

For about two years, he pushed his better halves to construct one gigantic home on the Coyote Pass property he purchased in 2018… only to be rejected by them across the board.

He’s since been rejected in an even stronger fashion by Christine, of course.

And Kody has also since had an apparent change of mind,

According to this TLC description, Kody still hopes to settle on Coyote Pass (despite the lot sitting barren at the moment), but has no interest in shacking up with Robyn, Janelle or Meri.

And especially not Christine.

On Tuesday, this mother of six officially confirmed that she was done with life as Kody’s spiritual spouse, writing on Instagram:

“After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave.”

She concluded:

“We will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives as we parent our beautiful children and support our wonderful family.”

Christine made her stance on this subject mostly known several months ago when she said on the Season 15 finalle that she was sick and tired of the relationship and wanted to move back to Utah.

Just last month? She did move back to Utah!

Sources have since said that the COVID-19 pandemic played a role in Christine’s decision because Kody simply spent the entire ordeal living with Robyn.

She’s been in the process of leaving him for a while,” an insider previously told Us Weekly, adding:

“The big reason why she split from him is because Kody has been completey devoted to Robyn for the past five or six years.

“That hasn’t changed at all.”

As for Kody?

He sounds either resigned to Christine’s choice… or downright giddy that he can maybe now start a search for yet another sister wife.

“Christine’s decision to leave comes with a great deal of sadness,” the annoying father of 18 he wrote on his own social media page earlier this week.

kody on christine

He continued as follows:

“We enjoyed many years together and I have a large amount of respect and admiration for her.

“Although we are moving forward on different paths, we will always remain committed parents.”

Sister Wives Season 16 premieres on TLC on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c. Should be fascinating to watch!


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