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Kourtney Kardashian: I HATED KUWTK! They Made Me Look Like Such a B-tch!


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We’re just weeks away from the debut of the Kardashians new Hulu reality show titled … The Kardashians.

Hey, sometimes the simple, direct approach is the best.

The Kards have been reality stars since 2007, so you probably feel like you have a pretty good idea of what the new series will look like.

And while you might be mostly right, it seems a few major changes have been made.

Kim and company have been mostly tight-lipped about the specifics of the project, but a new interview with Kourtney suggests that the eldest Kardashian has far more influence this time.

And she’s using her clout to help create what she says is a more accurate portrayal of life inside Calabasas’ poshest family.

Kourt says she was never pleased with the way she was portrayed on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and she’s confident that the new show will give fans a better idea of what she’s really like.

“Shooting our show, it became a really toxic environment at the end for me,” she said in a recent interview with Bustle.

“I would fight with my sisters. There was, like, just a lot going on. And even for me personally, I wasn’t in the happiest place.”

Kourtney says the part of the dour, humorless sister was thrust upon her, and she often felt that she had not choice but to keep playing it.

“I felt like I was being almost a character,” she revealed.

“‘This is Kourtney, and she’s in a bad mood, so even though she was laughing really at lunch, we’re going to cut out the laughing and let’s only use the annoying comment that she said.'”

Eventually, this task began to take an emotional toll, and Kourt says she’s glad those days are behind her.

“I would give myself a pep talk before walking in,” she said.

“Like, say we were shooting at Khloe’s house. I’d be like, ‘It’s going to be a good day. Let’s have a good mood. Let’s put a smile on our face,'” Kourtney continued.

“I see the growth that comes from those unhappy places which make it all worth it. I’m like, ‘If we didn’t go through these roller coasters, you wouldn’t get to the good part.'”

Kourtney says she might not have been willing to return to the world of reality television, were it not for the “therapy journey” that enabled her to approach this new project with optimism and enthusiasm.

She says she’s less self-conscious this time, and as a result, fans will get to see her true personality — and her wry sense of humor.

“It made me really sensitive. And normally I’d have a really good comeback [to insults], like, ‘Well, you’re covered in cellulite,'” she told Bustle.

“But then I would be like, ‘I have nothing mean to say. I’m not a bitch anymore, and I just have feelings; like, an abundance of them,'” she continued. “I would just start crying all the time.”

But don’t get her wrong — Kourtney wants fans to know that she’s still the snide, sarcastic sister they’ve come to know and love.

“It’s so funny, because there was a little tease for our new show,” she said.

“And I saw people in the comments like, ‘Kourtney is already over the show. She looks miserable,'” Kourt continued, adding that the attitude is “a choice,” and not an obligation.

“I just find it funny, workwise, I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

The Kardashians premieres on Hulu on April 14.

We’ll definitely be tuning in for our first glimpse of the new and improved Kourtney!

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