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Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker: Wedding Date Revealed?!


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It’s hard to believe that Kourtney Kardashian has never been married.

She’s a wealthy, forty-something mother of three who spent most of her adult life in a monogamous relationship with the same guy.

Kourtney belongs to multiple demos that would suggest she’s been married at least once, but surprisingly, a trip down the aisle is one of the few things she hasn’t experienced.

But that’s soon to change.

Kourtney got engaged to Travis Barker last month, and insiders say the couple is chomping at the bit to get married.

Barker has been married twice before, and he has two teenage kids from his relationship with Shanna Moakler.

But despite the fact that they’re both already parents, it seems that Kourtney and Travis are planning to have kids together.

And according to a new report from Life & Style, that’s just one reason that Kourtney and Travis are planning to get hitched sooner rather than later.

One insider tells the tabloid that Barker and Kardashian “don’t want” a “long engagement” and are “planning to exchange vows next year.”

“Kourtney is already in ‘wedding planning mode,’” the source says.

And since it will be the “first time” she walks down the aisle Kourt wants this to be “be a day to remember.”

(People who have been married multiple times tend to want their weddings to be memorable events, as well, but we get Kourtney’s point.)

Another reason that the planning process is being hurried along is that Travis and Kourtney are hoping the wedding will be featured in the first season of the Kardashians’ new Hulu reality series, which is currently filming.

“The cameras will be rolling for the Kardashians’ new Hulu series but certain aspects will be kept private,” says the source 

“It’ll be a no expense spared, and she’s planning to go all out,” the insider adds.

“She wants the amazing dress, a huge cake, thousands of flowers and will hire the best caters in town.”

It sounds like Kourt and Travis are planning to keep the details under wraps until after they exchange vows, but based on what little information is available, we think it’s safe to say that these two will be man and wife sometime in the first half of 2022.

It also sounds like they’ve wisely decided not to include Scott Disick in the festivities.

The source says Scott “won’t be invited” to Kourtney and Travis’ big day, but “he wouldn’t go even if he was invited.”

“Seeing Kourtney walk down the aisle would feel like a dagger in the heart … He’d rather not be there,” a second insider says, adding that attending the wedding would “be absolute torture.”

As for the couple’s family planning process, it seems Travis and Kourtney are not feeling bound by tradition and have no intention of putting off the baby making until aftert they say “I do.” 

A third source confirms that “having a baby” together is “definitely in the cards,” adding:

“If she falls pregnant before the wedding, then great!”

Yes, Kourtney and Travis aren’t wasting any time, but they’re also happy with the way things are now.

“Being a blended family is working well,” the third insider says.

It’s good that the couple’s kids get along — because these two are clearly in it for the long haul.

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