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Kylie Jenner: Being a Postpartum Mom is SO Hard, And That’s Okay!


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On February 2, Kylie Jenner welcomed her second child with Travis Scott.

Since then, Kylie has been recovering, bonding her baby, and promoting The Kardashians ahead of its premiere next month.

Kylie revealed her son’s weird name but is mostly keeping to herself.

Now, she is opening up about her postpartum journey, explaining that it has been hard — mentally, physically, and spiritually.

On Tuesday, March 15, Kylie Jenner shared a series of short videos to her Instagram Story.

Six weeks after delivering Wolf Webster, she was walking on a treadmill while having a frank discussion about postpartum life.

For your convenience, we have compiled those videos and included them here in this article.

“I just want to say to my postpartum has not been easy,” Kylie told her fans and followers.

“This experience for me, personally, has been a little harder than with my daughter,” she admitted.

Kylie gave birth to Wolf almost exactly four years after welcoming Stormi.

“It’s not easy mentally, physically, spiritually,” Kylie emphasized, acknowledging the toll of pregnancy and childbirth.

She explained why she was sharing something so raw and real about herself.

“I didn’t want to just get back to life without saying that,” Kylie noted.

Kylie explained “because I think we can look on the internet and you know, for other mom’s going through it right now.”

She admitted that “it might look a lot easier for other people.”

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“And,” Kylie went on, “like put the pressure on us.”

“But it hasn’t been easy on me either,” Kylie said.

“It’s been hard,” she acknowledged, “and I just wanted to say that.”

She added that she has learned that “It’s okay not to be okay.”

“Once I realized that … I was putting some pressure on myself,” Kylie continued.

“And,” she added, “I just keep reminding myself ‘I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy.'”

“And we have to stop putting pressure to be back,” Kylie advised, “not even psychically, just mentally after birth.”

We have all seen countless posts about “post-baby bodies.”

A combination of genetics and the kind of lifestyle that wealth can afford can allow some parents to “bounce back” just months after giving birth.

It’s not realistic — even for most of the mega-wealthy, like Kylie herself.

Kylie is exercising just six weeks after delivering an actual human baby that she grew inside of her.

It is probably difficult on many levels just to do that to her body, and we hope that she is being gentle with herself.

After all, a little exercise can promote healing. Too much too quickly after a physical trauma like childbirth, and you can set yourself back.

Kylie has to know that some of her own family (looking at you, Kimberly) have played a major role in perpetuating the image of the ultra-fast post-baby body.

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While it’s okay for Kim to be as fit as she likes, it’s not realistic to expect to follow in her footsteps.

Kim Kardashian is ultra rich and a total workaholic. Kylie is giving people a more realistic look at recovery.


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