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What are the key elements of international school fees in Japan?


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When it comes to education, all parents want to provide the greatest benefit to their children. Due to the increasing demand for education in modern society, costs are increasing across borders. However, the quality of education in Japanese international schools has improved in parallel, but inflation has increased costs dramatically.

Understanding tuition fees is undoubtedly important for planning your expenses. But before we talk about costs, it is important to look at the benefits of studying in an international school.

Tuition is considered part of the tuition fee, which actually doubles the tuition fee. Tuition fees are inevitable if you want to provide the best learning experience for your child.

However, there are some special cost categories that we rarely consider; Equally important is to ensure that children have good facilities and amenities. Let’s take a look at the important components included in school fees in Japan for foreign students:

Annual fee

cost of education


Why should you register your child at GIIS?

If you are looking to enroll your children in one of the best schools in Japan for the upcoming school year, Global Indian International School (GIIS) may be the right choice.

GIIS follows the latest teaching methods and allows students to choose their subjects based on their personal interests. In addition, the school community focuses on hands-on learning experiences and encourages children’s learning attitudes. Some of the most compelling reasons to enroll your child in GIIS are as follows:

Advanced teaching methods and infrastructure

  • Global Education
  • Various extracurricular activities
  • Wider networking opportunities
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Global Indian International School (GIIS) is ranked as one of the best international schools in Japan due to the wide range of facilities and amenities available to children. The admission process is much simpler than other international institutions, along with a fair fee structure policy. The school committee believes that every student has the right to adequate education and international schools should be the choice of all parents to develop their children at GEM. With an affordable fee structure, GIIS makes it easy for parents to provide the best education for their children.

The annual fees for international schools in Tokyo are quite budget-friendly. If you have more than one sibling, this can get a little tricky in the long run as the cost increases with each class. However, there are some of the best schools in Japan that also offer the benefit of cost reductions when 2 or more than 2 children attend the same school. In comparison, international schools are the best for your child’s overall development. Scholarships are offered along with student loans to make life easier for both parents and children.

Components of tuition fees at international schools in Japan

In general, tuition is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of getting our child into school. Tuition fees are a basic fee in each school and are charged quarterly or monthly.

Japan is known as one of the best educational centers in India. The focus on international schools in the region is based on experiential creativity training and a holistic approach. Most Indian international schools in Japan follow this particular curriculum.

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The ability to think critically is very important in today’s society as it allows people to evaluate and analyze situations and ideas.

International schools in Japan not only focus on developing a child to gain an appreciation of Indian culture, but also need to develop into adults who are knowledgeable and respectful of all world cultures and the opportunities they offer.

International tuition fees in Japan are determined by grade. The cost increases with the new class. GIIS understands the importance of international education in shaping the future of children. The frequency of payment of their fees is 3 months; and the amount can be checked on their official website.

A healthy budget is maintained to ensure parents can safely enroll their children into the international education system. Despite their affordability, the schools offer a number of exemplary benefits for their students, including technology classes, international curriculum, and collaborative/extracurricular activities.


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