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Lala Kent Opens Up About Randall Emmett Breakup: I Wasn’t Safe With Him!


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When Lala Kent first confirmed the rumors that she had ended her engagement to Randall Emmett, the Vanderpump Rules star promised fans that she would explain the split in greater detail when the time was right.

And now, it appears that that time has come … sort of.

On the lastest episode of her podcast, “Give Them Lala” (the “(With Rand)” part of title conspiculously excised), Kent opened up about the emotions that she was experiencing on the final days of her relationship.

And to the shock of many listeners, she revealed that she no longer felt safe in Emmett’s presence.

“The second that I felt unsafe — I said this in therapy — I said, ‘The second I get a pit in my stomach, it’ll be a different conversation,'” Lala said, recalling the moment that she decided to end the relationship.

“I got that pit and I got the f— out. No questions asked.”

Kent didn’t go into detail with regard to why she felt unsafe.

It’s not clear if she believed that she was in physical danger, or if she merely felt threatened by the fact that she was sharing a roof with someone whom she couldn’t trust.

Lala also opened up about the fact that she spends much of the current season of Vanderpump looking down her nose at her friends’ relationships.

And it seems she’s all too aware of the irony in the fact that she’s the one who broke off her engagement not long after filming wrapped.

“I was someone who thought I was in a very different position than I was in,” Kent said, by way of explaining her behavior.

Lala went on to say that she suspects she’ll be forced to do a lot of apologizing on camera once filming gets underway for the show’s tenth season.

“I think a lot of it is going to be talking about that and having to answer for a lot of those things.”

So hey, we guess there will be another season of Vanderpump!

And on the brightside, it can’t be much more dull than the current one!

As for Lala’s sobriety, she says the breakup never brought her close to falling off the wagon.

In fact, she says the drama of the past few weeks has only strengthened her resolve to remain sober for her daughter’s sake.

“I’m kind of putting my steps into play that we work on in AA, which is ‘One day at a time,'” Kent explained.

“Sometimes it’s one minute at a time, and that doesn’t just apply to me with drinking, which, surprisingly, even with everything that’s going on, I feel like I’ve never felt stronger in my sobriety.”

Lala got sober in 2018, around the same time that she got engaged to Rand.

The couple was supposed to tie the knot in 2020, but they were forced by the pandemic to delay their nuptials.

Kent announced the unexpected breakup in October amid rumors that Emmett had been caught cheating on her “with a couple of cocktail waitresses,” per TMZ.

We guess that Covid postponement turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

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