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The Top 10 Lancome Idole Perfume Will Never Go Out Of Style (And Downright Irresistible)


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You’ve probably picked up on the fact that we have a thing for all things French by now. Whether it’s the latest French hairstyle to take over Los Angeles or street-style clothing that will fool people into believing you’re from Paris, there are plenty of ways to give the impression that you’re from the City of Lights. 

However, the most important thing to us is having an elegant and classy perfume. And what better way to accomplish it than by spritzing on perfume from the renowned French brand or Lancome Idole

There isn’t much that Lancome Idole perfume does incorrectly. Still, the brand’s perfumes particularly stand out from the rest because of their capacity to charm practically everyone, their timeless quality, and the fact that they are polished. I may or may not have started accumulating them throughout the years, working entirely under the premise that you can never have too many Lancome Idole perfume since each provides something unique and totally magnificent. I say this because you can never have too many Lancome fragrances. 

It might very well be your lucky day if you don’t already own even a single one of them. I have produced a list of the top Lancome Idole scents for your collection, regardless of your particular preference; there is undoubtedly something for everyone on this list. Continue scrolling until you locate the appropriate option for you.


Lancome considered re-inventing an accord that had always been close to its heart, ever since the rose was chosen as the first symbol for the brand, and turned to the rose as its focal point. This decision was made after Lancome considered re-inventing an accord that had always been close to its heart. 

The firm decided to center its fragrance around the rose because it wanted to move away from classic fragrances and began with the goal of creating a “clean” accord. The heart of the formula is comprised of two essences, an absolute and rose water; this is done in order to provide a note that is characteristic of the flower. These four components work together to produce a lush and supple letter in addition to being crisp and rich in quality. 

This kaleidoscope of roses emits a sparkling floral glow because it has been delicately enhanced with just a hint of jasmine. In the background of Idole is a hint of patchouli, and along with a variety of white musks, they make up a basis of white chypre. This base of white chypre is what gives the scent its overall attractiveness and makes it stand out from the crowd.

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The Idole Bottle of Perfume

The bottle of Lancome Idole is stylish and understated, and although it appears to have a minimal profile, it actually has a large bulk. According to the press release, the little perfume bottle that Idole uses is said to be the smallest in the world. In terms of its appearance, the bottle is more similar to a mobile phone than a traditional perfume container, in my opinion. 

Additionally, there is a cutout there for your finger, which makes it much easy for you to get a hold of the bottle. It is stylish and current, but it is hardly capable of standing on its own, and the fact that I have to knock it over, again and again, is a source of annoyance for me.

To the best of my knowledge, the engraving was a one-of-a-kind commission, and it is not presently provided at any of the store’s counters. However, it is possible that it will become available at some of the department shops during the holiday season.

History of Lancome idole

Idole is a French word that means “made for women by women.”

A sophisticated yet unabashedly modern fresh fragrance was created by collaborating with three outstanding female perfumers from different parts of the world. The fragrance features bright citrus, clean rose, pristine jasmine, white musk, and vanilla.

The rose, which is considered the most prestigious and famous perfume component, serves as the foundation of this scent. Idole’s contemporary, luminous, and young rose may be seen when four roses are used. 

This one-of-a-kind rose fragrance has absolutes of jasmine, which combine to create a clean, powerful softness that blossoms elegantly.

Notes of bergamot erupt with juicy pear and a hint of pink peppercorn, enveloping the scent like a cocoon and giving it its distinctive character.

Idole has a strong regard for our planet and the people who live on it; as a result, the company invests in communities around the world by obtaining its ingredients in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

Zendaya, an Idole ambassador, has stated that it is a “big honor” to be able to represent a company like Lancome and join such an extraordinary line-up of legendary women. Zendaya has stated that she is honored to be able to represent Lancome as a brand ambassador.

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Together with her strong sense of self-identity and irresistible attractiveness, Zendaya embodies all that it means to be an Idole. She is dedicated to philanthropic causes, women’s empowerment, and education.

A fragrance of Lancome Idole 

A modern bottle of Lancome Idole that can be refilled and contains a fragrant spray that has undertones of rose, jasmine, and chypre. A toast to the women who have the courage to pursue their dreams. Those ladies who refuse to conform to social mores. 

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Cheers to the innovators and pioneers of the next generation! Robust, outspoken, and endowed with power Those women who, in order to rewrite the future, look to themselves for the inspiration they require. 

Cheers to the next wave of culturally significant individuals! Your moment has finally come. You should be your own idol. By using this bottle, you can contribute to a more environmentally friendly future.

The top 10 Lancome perfumes are described below. Let’s take it one step at a time.

#1. Lancome – La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum

Price: $77

Iris, patchouli, and vanilla are some of the key elements.

Even though it has a warm and sugary aroma, this gourmand fragrance is pleasantly floral and earthy all at the same time. With its sweetness and warmth, it remains one of Lancome’s most popular fragrances. Because of the nature of the aroma, which is filled up with even sweeter notes of orange blossom, it is perfect for anybody who likes smelling earthy but also appreciates a touch of something sweet.

#2. Lancome Idole Eau de Parfum 

Price: $60

Notes essential include exquisite jasmine absolute, radical rose essence, and spotless chypre harmony.

When I think of this lovely scent, the first four words that spring to my mind are “sophisticated,” “clean,” “crisp,” and “floral.” The rose notes are the ones that stick out the most, but when paired with the base notes of crisp chypre accord and vanilla, they give it an edge that differentiates it from the other perfumes on the market.

#3. Lancome – The Treasure of the Midnight Rose

Price: $112

Blackcurrant, raspberry, rose absolute, jasmine, vanilla, cedar, and musk are the essential ingredients in this fragrance.

This is one of the Lancome idole dossier. co products that I find to be the most pleasurable to use for me personally. It has a few fresh flower notes, a hint of fruitiness, and a base that is sweet and musky, all of which are traits that I enjoy in a smell. It also has a few bright floral notes. It leaves behind an aroma that is almost impossible to ignore, and it stays in the air for a good number of hours.

#4. Magie Noire Eau de Toilette

Price: $68

Bulgarian rose, blackcurrant bud, jasmine, ylang-ylang, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli are the essential oils in this fragrance.

Because it contains jasmine, amber, ylang-ylang, and patchouli, in addition to Bulgarian rose, this fragrance has a calming and comforting effect on the wearer. It has some olfactory notes that are more intricate than others, but overall, all of those notes blend together in a unique way. 

In some of the evaluations, it was even noted that buyers had observed that the perfumes had a “delightful and unusual” aroma.

#5. Lancome – Trésor Eau de Parfum

Price: $67

Apricot flower, rose, lilac, iris, peach, amber, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla are the essential components of this fragrance.

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This perfume has a fragrance that reminds you of things that are really sophisticated, romantic, and luscious. One of the most underappreciated notes in fragrance is the apricot blossom. The ideal cocktail for a date night is one that has lilac, iris, and sparkling peach, and it can be made by combining these three ingredients.

#6. Lancome – Hypnôse Eau de Parfum

Price: $67

Notes prominent include vetiver, vanilla, and passion blossom.

When I first smelled this scent, I was pleasantly surprised since it was nothing like what I had imagined in the most positive manner. 

The smell is sweet and tangy because of the passion flower and vanilla notes, but the earthy vetiver undertones are what truly had me going back for more. It is what gives the smell its unique depth and warmth that sets it apart from others.

#7. La Nuit Tresor Nude Rose Eau de Toilette

Notes essential include bergamot, rose, coconut, and vanilla.

This lighter, creamier rendition of Trésor has hints of rose, coconut, and vanilla in its flavor profile. When I know I’ll be going somewhere new; you can bet that I’ll pack this perfume in my carry-on.

Price: $98

#8. Lancome – La Vie Est Belle En Rose

Price: $102

Red fruits, peonies, roses, sandalwood, and patchouli are important notes.

A stunning modification of the basic formula, “La Vie Est Belle En Rose” is characterized by notes that are juicy, rosy, and slightly woodsy. You would assume that the rose notes would be the star of this scent. However, the fruity notes blended with rich patchouli really stand out a bit more to me in this one instead of the rose notes. 

#9. Lancome – L’Autre Ôud Eau de Parfum

Price: $209

Incense Rose Signature, Oud Accord, and Cyrpiol are the Essential Notes.

This perfume is perfect for individuals who enjoy something that is a little bit more mysterious, leathery, and dark. Even better, it has a touch of heat, which is something That I wholeheartedly support. You can almost guarantee that no one else will be wearing anything remotely similar to it, and if you spritz some on before going out for the night, you could even get the attention of a few people.

#10. Rose Petal Of Isparta (TURKEY)

This essence is created exclusively for Lancome using roses that are cultivated in Turkey, which is considered the “cradle of rose production” because of its long history of rose cultivation. It attracts attention to the revitalizing and verdant characteristics of the flower, which helps to add to Idole’s stunning portrayal of the natural world. 

Lancome is contributing to the enhancement of agricultural methods and working conditions, as well as assisting in the process of getting a “fair trade” certification in order to demonstrate their support for the families that manage this industry.

In addition to this, the project helps the women who are working on its creation become recognized for the accomplishments that they have done, which is another benefit.

Wrapping It Up

Lancome Idole is a beautiful contemporary perfume. It is possible that Idole has a very feminine aroma and was supposed to be worn alone, both of which relate to the fact that it lacks some of the richness of premium perfumes (not layered). I really like the inspiring message that Lancome sends forth, as well as the fact that its bottles are made to be reused, which helps save money and is better for the environment. I strongly suggest giving Idole some consideration if you are a fan of feminine fragrances or are seeking a present for a very particular someone.

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