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What Diamond Cut Sparkles the Most?


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You may have heard this question before. It’s been a long-running mystery to many. The answer used to be so clear and simple; round diamonds are the best because they are full and bright. But now, that’s changed. Due to the technological advancements of the past few decades, many other great diamond cuts have entered the market. 

There is no single cut that can outshine all others. But some diamonds are better than others, depending on what you want to achieve with them. There are a lot of great shapes, cuts, and grades when it comes to diamonds. So which one is the most sought-after? That’s what we’re going to find out today.

What Is a Diamond Cut?

A diamond cut is the shape of a diamond. The shape of a diamond can be a round brilliant, marquise, pear, emerald-cut, or other shapes. Diamond cut should not be confused with clarity. This is the absence of some kind of inclusion in the diamond, such as inclusions or air bubbles. Clarity is graded on an absolute scale from excellent to poor.

Diamonds are known for their sparkle, which is why they are often used in jewelry. Diamond cut, yet, can also sparkle differently. A well-cut diamond has facets that catch the light from all directions and reflect it at different angles. The result is a brilliant flash of color that dazzles viewers’ eyes.

Besides being valued for their beauty and brilliance, diamonds are also valued for their hardness. They have to be hard enough to withstand being handled without fracturing. This is because they need to be cut into gemstones before they can be polished into gems.

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Diamond cut is a way of describing how a diamond is cut. The three forms of cuts are:

  • Internally Flawless (IF) is the most common and well-known cut. It has no imperfections in the stone, and it is extremely rare to find one with inclusions or blemishes.
  • Flawless (FL). This is a similar type of cut to IF, but they are slightly less rare because they have slightly more imperfections than IFs.
  • Partially Included (PI). This is an even more affordable version of IF and FL. But it still has some larger inclusions or blemishes that can distract those who wish their diamonds to be flawless!

Types of Diamond Cuts

Diamond cuts are graded and given a letter grade to indicate the quality of the diamond. Each cut has its own set of characteristics that can make it more desirable than others. The most popular diamond cuts include:

  • Fancy cut. A diamond cut with two rows of radiant prongs and a polished girdle with both sides parallel and on the same plane. The result is a diamond that sparkles from all sides, similar to how light reflects off the water.
  • Brilliant cut. A diamond cut with two rows of flat prongs set at an angle and along each side of the girdle, forming an offset triangle shape. All three points are parallel and on the same plane, producing dazzling light reflections around the center stone.
  • Princess cut. This is one of the highest-quality cuts available. There is one row of round brilliant-quality diamonds set at an angle within a rectangular section that has been polished smooth around its perimeter by hand-chosen stones. This creates a unique dazzling look.
  • Cushion cut. The cushion cut is an oval diamond with a flat bottom and a top that slopes inward like the inside of a bowl. This cut is ideal for women who want to show off their engagement ring or diamond wedding band.
  • Oval diamonds. If you’re looking for a classic look, consider an oval diamond. These stones have a smooth curve on one side and a flat surface on the other side. They are ideal for stacking together in multiples to create unique designs on wedding rings for women and other jewelry pieces. 
  • Emerald cut. The emerald-cut diamond is a popular shape for lab-created diamond engagement rings. This is because it offers an elegant and classic look without being too big or flashy. This diamond shape features rounded corners on all sides of the stone.
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The round cut is your best bet if you’re looking for a diamond that will sparkle in any light. This shape is perfect for people who want to wear a solitaire engagement ring on the outside of their fingers or the sides of their hands. The light from the wide angle of view will be reflected onto your diamond, making it look extra sparkly.

Why Is Diamond Cut Important?

The diamond cut determines how much light a diamond produces and how many facets it has. Faceted diamonds have more facets than square-cut diamonds, which means they are more brilliant.

Diamond cut is a special category of diamond grading. The cut is determined by the angle at which the diamond was cut and the symmetry of the diamond.

The most important aspect of a diamond cut is that it affects the brilliance of a diamond. A high-quality diamond will have an even distribution of light across its surface, called dispersion. 

Dispersion causes diamonds to sparkle or twinkle. Diamonds with a low dispersion rate will appear less bright and do not sparkle as much. Besides dispersion, other factors affect the brilliance of a diamond: table flatness and symmetry. 

  • Table flatness refers to how sharply defined each facet is on the top surface of a stone. This equates to sharpness in terms of how well-defined it appears from a distance away from the center of that stone. 
  • Symmetry refers to how well-defined all facets are on one side.


The answer to that question depends on what kind of sparkle you’re looking for in a diamond. If the size is important to you, then the traditional round brilliant cut will deliver the most sparkle. 

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Ultimately, it’s all a matter of personal preference, so there’s no wrong answer when it comes to that. One thing is certain: there’s no right or wrong way to look at a diamond, so pick the one that makes you happy.

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