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Lauren Bushnell, Bachelor Nation Alum, Flips Out Over “Cruel” Mask Mandates for Kids


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Lauren Bushnell does not have any children in school.

Her son is only eight months old.

But the former Bachelor champion is looking ahead to the day when little Dutton will be roaming the hallways of daycare or maybe kindergarten… and she’s preemptively pissed.

“Young children cannot learn with a mask on period point blank,” the former reality star wrote on her Tuesday, February 15, Instagram slideshow.

“This is cruel.

“I am thankful we are able to travel for now to see family because Dutton is not 2 and in my heart I know for a fact he would never keep a mask on at the young age of 2.”

Bushnell is married to country singer Chris Lane, but she rose to fame as the winning contestant on The Bachelor Season 20.

Ben Higgins proposed to Bushnell to conclude his run on the show, and the couple even starred in its own spin-off, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?

However, their relationship ended in May 2017.

Lauren then went ahead and married Lane in October 2019.

In this latest post — which went viral and got covered by a bunch of news organizations and which led to many back-and-forths between Bushnell and her followers — the 32-year old is referencing various mask mandates that are in place for kids across America amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Bushnell insist she isn’t “anti-mask,” though.

“Will forever fight for this baby and his right to learn,” she continued, explaining her stance as best she can.

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“I have the ability to homeschool him or send him to private school if I have to.

“Not everyone has this ability to do for their children. It’s not fair and cruel to an entire generation.”

The counter to Bushnell here, of course, is that no vaccine is available to children under the age of five.

Is this really a matter of personal choice? Or it is a public health crisis?

How would she feel if an unmasked child passed COVID-19 on to her son, and her son then got very sick?

Sadly, these are the very challenging questions parents across the country have had to wrestle with for almost two years now.

The Bachelor Nation member added that she doesn’t “judge” other parents who choose to mask their sons or daughters, it’s just, well…

“WHO IS REPRESENTING THE CHILDREN?” she asked at one point, apparently ignoring medical officials and elected officials who would argue this is exactly what they’re doing:

Looking out for children and trying to keep them as safe as possible.

“Mom knows best and not every child is the same!” Bushnell added.

Lauren also posted some critical remarks she received from fellow Instagram users, calling the backlash “scary” and asking for an “open dialogue.”

Bushnell concluded her message by stressing that she fears for less well off parents and for boys and girls suffering as a result of these requirements, writing:

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“I feel for the babies who require speech therapy or have a learning disability and rely on watching adults speak.

“I have empathy for those who have sick., immunocromprosied (sic) babies and have lost loved ones to ovidand the feelings these topics spark.

“I just want honest conversations and for people to also advvocate for our children and only our children,”


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