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Leah Messer Shares Shocking Confession About Jaylen Mobley: I Don’t Trust Him!


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Leah Messer has been dating Jaylen Mobley for several months now, and fans of the Teen Mom 2 star have been loving every second of this relationship.

After all, Leah has endured a great deal to get where she is, and her road to self-improvement is one of the few storylines that viewers have really warmed to in recent years.

After watching Messer get sober, endure two painful divorces, and briefly lose custody of two of her children, many fans feel that a happy, stable relationship is her just reward for working so hard to turn things around.

Unfortunately, it seems that the relationship is not as flawlessly blissful as Leah has made it seem on her Instagram page.

Messer is one of the many franchise veterans appearing on the inaugural season of Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Despite the confusing title, the girls are not family, and several of them have never even appeared on camera together before.

Nevertheless, the spin-off has already yielded some big fights and some surprisingly candid moments, including this week’s scene in which Leah shared her fears about her Jaylen and their relationship.

“Jaylan is a really great guy. And he’s cool, he’s so kind,” the mother of three told her co-stars.

“The chemistry is there. The connection is there,” she continued to gush.

“He’s very career driven. He has his long term goals, his short terms goals. He’s very intelligent. Thoughtful. Compassionate.”

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But the tone of Leah’s speech alerted her friends to the fact that something was amiss.

When asked if she was “open to that” — meaning a kind, loving relationship with a worthy partner — Messer made a surprising confession.

“I’m not,” Leah said.

“I don’t think that I don’t deserve it, but I also think I’m  a little bit, ‘is this real?’

In a confessional segment, Leah confirmed that she struggles with trust and abandonment issues.

“Maybe I have attracted someone that’s great, but at the same time I’m a little guarded, a little scared,” she said.

“But he’s like it’s fine, we’re going to work through it.”

Leah and Jaylan went “Instagram official” back in September, but this week’s TMFR featured the couple’s first onscreen interaction, as Messer FaceTimed her new boo to talk about her fears and the progress she’s making.

“We have a life coach here and I’m trying not to be as guarded,” she told Jaylan.

“I’m trying to accept your kindness. I need to let the walls come down and I’m scared to let the walls come down.”

“I’m not planning to do this temporarily. I haven’t been in a relationship in a minute so I’m not just doing this s–t for fun,” Mobley replied.

“I plan on being here for a long time.”

Leah invited Jaylen to join her in Los Angeles, and yes, it seems that he will be appearing in future Family Reunion episodes in the flesh.

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Speaking with E! News, Leah recently revealed that she’s grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Cheyenne Bryant while filming the show.

“Dr. Cheyenne really helped out with letting my guard down and trusting him,” Leah told the outlet.

“Like, it’s okay. He cares about you. He’s showing up for you and let him and I was like okay.”

And it seems that after discussing her trust issues with Dr. Bryant, Leah is feeling much more secure about the future of her relationship:

“He’s like absolutely perfect. I’m not going to lie,” she said, referring to Jaylan. 

“He’s just every quality that I wanted in someone. The way that he is with my kids, I don’t know if there’s ever going to be another because he’s just great.” 

It sounds like Leah had, in fact, found the happiness that she deserves.

Now here’s hoping that she can learn to relax and enjoy it.


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