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Lil Bo Weep, YouTube Singing Sensation, Dead at 22


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Tragedy has struck the worlds of both music and social media.

Lil Bo Weep, an artist with a significant following on YouTube, died on March 3, her father, Matthew Schofield, just confirmed on Facebook.

In breaking the awful news, he wrote the following:

“This weekend we lost the fight for my daughter’s life against depression, trauma, PTSD and drug addiction that we have been fighting since we got her back from America through emergency repatriation DFAT but broken.”

Lil Bo Weep (whose real name was Winona Brooks) had approximately 36,000 SoundCloud subscribers at the time of her passing.

Her cause of death has not been released.

She was best known for songs such as Sorry, I Wrote This Song 4 You, Can Not Fight Away My Hell and Codependency.

According to Matthew’s post, the Australian singer “fought hard against her demons as we all did side by side next to her and picking up the broken pieces over and over again but she could not fight any more and we lost her.”

Matthew Schofield post

Lil Bo Weep started sharing the music she produced onto SoundCloud in 2015 and recently released an album titled Solos.

Her last post was a minute-and-a-half-long song titled “PTSD.”

The social media star’s most recent Instagram post, dated a mere five days ago, explained that the artist was taking heavy medication due to her complete post-traumatic stress disorder.

In the message, she was mourning the one-year anniversary of having suffered a miscarriage.

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“I would like to do something in remembrance of her, preferably spread some flowers at a beach and spend the day just mourning,” Lil Bo Weep wrote on March 2.

“I’d really appreciate if anyone online would be kind enough to do that for me and with me.”

In the video, she’s crying and explaining her sorrow in the caption:

“I am heavily dosed on seroquel to avoid any psychosis from my cptsd. not only have I been mourning my child, I have recently found out my fertility has been affected by growing up with a severe eating disorder.”

Lil Bo Weep online

Before uploading this heart-breaking footage, she posted a photo of her baby bump on February 26, captioned, “mourning you.”

After the singer’s death, fans grieved her death in the comments section of her social media pages, with one person saying:

“I love you. I’m sorry baby girl. In another life” and “Rest in peace Winona your music got me through some of my roughest times in life.”

Lil Bo Weep photo

Her dad, meanwhile, shared in her fans’ love and adoration, writing:

“As her dad I am proud of her beyond words as she is my hero, my daughter and my best friend that i love so so much She is no longer hurting now with the universe wanting their angel back.”

He concluded:

A big part of me is lost at the moment but I ask respectfully that my close friends try not to ring me until I get someway through this. ALWAYS IN MY HEART. I LOVE MY WINNIE.

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